Monday, July 11, 2011

Make your home germ-free

Keep your home germ-free naturally!

"My child was studying so hard for the exams. But just a day before it commenced, he was down with fever."

"My whole family is sick with flu though I regularly clean the house."

Many of us might have gone through such situations. Catching a disease when we least expect it!

Germs are everywhere we see. Sometimes, the usual routine of cleaning is not sufficient to disinfect your home! One needs to take extra steps for it. Here are some natural ingredients (without any harsh chemicals) which can help!

Sunlight – Open the curtains and let some sunshine in. Sunlight is a powerful anti-germ agent created by the universe! It's useful in getting your home rid of fungus, especially in the nooks and corners you can't clean regularly. It can also help eliminate odors from beds/mattresses.

Vinegar – Vinegar is extremely potent against germs. You can use it to clean the floor, bathrooms, kitchen, and the fridge. Dab a little vinegar in a cloth and wipe switches, tables, shelves, etc regularly. Germs often spread to other members of house through switches and door knobs, so it is essential to clean it.

Alcohol – Alcohol is often used as antiseptic for small wounds and is good for controlling bacteria, fungi and viruses. It's strictly for external use only! You can use it to clean switchboards, door handles, telephone, toilet seats, windows, etc. Unlike vinegar, it doesn't have a strong smell.

Eucalyptus Oil – Eucalyptus oil can be very useful in disinfecting the air inside your home. You can spray it from a diffuser. You can also use a combination of Eucalyptus oil, sweet orange oil and lavender oil. It will not only clear the air, but smell great too!

Neem Oil - Neem was worshipped by ancient Indians and it was for a reason! It's the world's most powerful disinfectant known. You can use Neem oil with a little quantity of soap, to clean the kitchen, floors etc. Look for herbal cleaners which contain neem extracts.

Try it at your home! And, though it's next to impossible to keep your home 100% germ-free, the incidence of diseases can definitely be controlled.

So, say hello to nature and bid good bye to germs! Clean your home the green way.