Monday, July 11, 2011

Health Benefits Of Banana Peel

Ever heard of the saying, "Do not include banana in your diet if you are planning to loose weight as it contains a lot of calories"? Well , think again because banana has some secret health benefits which might help you after all in keeping you fit and trim.

It is said that a banana has a lot of minerals and proteins and the best part of the fruit is the peel. The banana peel has the most amount of benefits when it comes to your healthy lifestyle.

Here below are some health benefits of banana peel, so do not throw it away the next time you plop a banana in your mouth.

1.Skin Treatments- The banana peel is good in treating the skin if you are allergic to any sort of food. All you have to do is rub the skin on the affected part of the body and wash it off when it is slightly dry. Using it in the night is more appropriate. The health benefits of banana peel can also be used to get rid of acne.

2.Psoriasis – This is a most common skin ailment. The health benefits of banana peel is that when the peel is rubbed on the skin, it gets healed naturally. You will notice your skin turning red when you first apply the peel but gradually on regular use you will find the difference.

3.Warts- It is said that to get rid of these nasty marks on the skin, applying banana peel will help get rid of warts in about 10 days.

4.Wounds - The next time your child falls down and gets his/ her knees injured all you have to do is to rub the banana peel over the area. The benefits of banana peel helps the wound to get dry faster with the scab formation. It also prevents the wound from leaving a mark.

5.Headaches- Surprisingly, if you have an headache, the health benefits of banana peel comes in use. The banana peel has to be mashed properly and applied to the forehead to cure aching headaches. To also get rid of wrinkles, apply the same mash to the area where there is wrinkles.

6.Mosquitoes- There are some people who when bitten by a mosquito gets a small wound on the area. This is commonly found in new born babies for they tend to scratch as it itches. The best benefits of banana peel is to apply it on the bite and you will see in a short while that it no longer itches.

These are some health benefits of banana peel. So, the next time you eat a banana store the peel as it provides great use for you.