Friday, July 8, 2011

Age Difference In Marriage – Safe Or Problematic?

Age Difference In Marriage – Safe Or Problematic?

'Age' is no longer just a number that couples put aside when it comes to the big picture of getting married, having children and a happily life thereafter!

For most of the couples who are entering wed lock, they not only see if the partner is well to do but also care about the age!

Some say that age difference in marriage is not at all a problem as you seem to marry the person because the love you share with the partner is true and age does not interfere. However, age difference in marriage is a big thing as it comes with a bag full pf problems like that of misunderstandings, lack of trust and above all intimate conceptions which are bound to be a problematic.

Medically, it is proved that women who are above the age of 35 are more prone to having a lot of complications when it comes to planning a family, which might be a problem for the relationship if the husband is younger to her and longing to have children in order to carry on his legacy.

Age difference in marriage is also a problem when it comes to financial aspects. In the sense, if the husband seems to be a lot more older to the wife, early retirement will be a problem as she is depending on him for support. So, here, we see that couples should marry a partner who is about two to three years older and not more than that to avoid general life related aspects. The guy being a little older than the woman is the perfect age difference in marriage as it will create a stronger level of understanding and one would learn to be on the same level in the marriage.

But, what according to you is the right age difference in marriage? Should it be in such a way that both of them are of the same age in order to achieve 'perfect happiness'?