Tuesday, March 1, 2016





Baba said, "If a mother kicks her child, or the ocean rolls back the water of the rivers, then only would I scornfully neglect you and would harm you" in Shri Sai Samartha Satcharita, Ch. 11, Ove 75.



It was said of Saint Eknath that he was a picture of patience, always unruffled and serene, a man who never lost his temper.


There were some in the town who were jealous of his reputation and were eager to prove to the people that Saint Eknath, too, had feet of clay. They hired a man and promised to reward him richly, if only he could make the Saint lose his temper.


Everyday, early in the morning, Eknath went to the river for a dip in the waters before spending some time in worship. One day, as he returned to the cottage, after taking a bath in the sacred waters, the man spat on him. Quietly, the Saint went back to the river and had another dip. Once again, as he was on his way home, the man spat on him. The same thing happened for the third time, the fourth time, the fifth time, but it made not a dent in the Saint's composure. Unperturbed, he went to the river to have another dip.


The man was not tired, nor was Eknath. The thought of the rich reward lured the man and he determined to make him lose his temper.


This went on for as many as 107 times! After having the 108th time dip, as the Saint wended his way home, the man's heart was touched. Falling at the feet of the Saint, he pleaded, "Forgive me! I implore you to forgive me! I have greatly sinned. I was told by some of the wealthy man of the town that if I could make you lose your temper, they would reward me richly. The temptation of a rich reward made me behave like a beast. Please forgive me!"


The Saint smiled and he said, "Forgive you for what? Today is a unique day in my life, when I have had 108 dips in the sacred waters! And if you had only told me that if I became angry, you would receive a rich reward, surely, I would have simulated angry."