Wednesday, March 16, 2016




Mrs. Tendulkar of Bandra daily heaped up garlands of bakul over Baba's picture in her house at Bandra for two months and then went to Shirdi.


Baba : Hallo, Kaka (H.S. Dixit) these two or three months I have not been at Shirdi at all. This mother has smothered me with bakul flower and I was quite dizzy, and unconscious of myself. Now I am slowly coming around.


Do you think of me, at meal ? Am I not present near you ? Do you give me a morsel?


I am not at Shirdi, but in all.


He who thinks that (Sai) Baba is in Shirdi (alone) has totally failed to see (i.e., know) Baba.


Why do you (weep and) behave so madly. Am I not there (at Bombay) by your side?


He (Sai) who is at Shirdi now is also at Machandragad here. It is to teach you this I sent you here. (Manker)


I have just been to Kasi and had a bath.

I was at Jejuri, Bagat.

I was at Dhulia, did you not see me ? (to Upasani's son)

When you heard my voice, why doubt? Boldted doors do not bar access to me. (Megha)


I will go with you (invisible). Do not worry. Mother, I take thought for your family. Well go. I am by your side.


I am myself sitting there (invisibly) guarding you (Purandhare) and your wife.


Whereever you may be, think of me, and I am by your side.


Wherever you may be, whatever any of my devotee think, say or do, that very instant I am aware of it.


I look equally on all. Not a leaf moves, except by my grace. I look on all with equal eye.



(Baba's Charters and Sayings, #77-89)