Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Baba Explains How to Get Moksha



The mind is turbulent. efforts must be made to make it steady. Just as a fly flies and sits on all objects but turns back when it approaches fire, so the mind longs after sense objects, rejoice in them and merges in them. When it sees i.e., approaches are twice to see Brahman, it turns its face away. When thus the unruly mind does not merge in God (Brahman), samsara, i.e., rebirth is inevitablem till the mind is conquered, one is reborn. But among births, human birth is most precious.


There fore do Moortipooja – i.e., worship God in form, in his images, to make the mind steady and concentrated. Even the image is got (Paramaswara). Do not reject images. When an image is worshipped with deep devotion, the mind attains concentration, without which there is no steadiness of mind.


Next practice Manana and Dhyana i.e., recollection and meditation; and study spiritual works, practice what is mentioned in them. Atma Vidya, the science of the self, is the highest wisdom. If that is mastered, salvation (Mukti) is achieved; and Hari (Personal God) is one's slave. The easy steps to get to that wisdom and to moksha (i.e., to real seeing or knowledge of God Brahman) are:-


Have sadhana chatushtaya i.e., nitya Anitya viveka, i.e., Inquiry into what is real and what is unreal. Vairagya i.e., dispassion, sama i.e., quiet of mind and other five qualities and mumukshutwa i.e., desire for mukti. Have Navavidha Bhakti i.e., ninefold devotion etc., Practice these. Surrender yourself to God (Atma Nivedan) Prapatti.


Nine steps of devotion are (1) Listening to sacred works or accounts of God, Avatars and saints; (2) reciting the name of God, (3) remembrance and meditation; (4) prostration to god's feet; (5) worship of objects representing him; (6) paying respect to saints; (7) service; (8) fellowship and (9) self surrender.

Daily take darsan of Sidhas, i.e., perfect saints. Live a moral life. Then you will be pure even at death. At the time of death, have no desire at all. Concentrate on God, i.e., your Ishta Devata (GOD), Mukti (salvation) is attained.


(Source: Baba's Charters and Sayings #123)