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Experiences of the Tarkhad Family with Shirdi SaiBaba 19 of 21 - Baba's Kafani

Experiences of the Tarkhad Family with Shirdi SaiBaba  19 of 21

Author: Virendra Jyotindra Tarkhad



Washing of Baba's Kafani

NOW as I am proceeding further in my endeavour, I strongly feel that my father should have had written his diary. This would have given a proper chronological account of the growing intensity of his experiences in association with Baba resulting into his ever-growing love towards Lord Sai. Off course after his first meeting with Lord Sai, he must not have had the faintest of an idea that he had come in contact with a superpower which was going to give a new twist to his life. I think possibly only Shri Narasimha Swami was one swami in those times, who had written his own diary which has thrown a great light on Baba's Leelas. These are all after thoughts now. I for one who had come across few incidences have not kept any date wise account of them. Needless to mention that my experiences are a few compared to the voluminous and extraordinary experiences of my father.

Although the love and devotion of my father towards Baba was in the ascending order, Baba had a typical knack of strengthening the bond with his devotee. While in Shirdi my father had learnt from the natives that Baba's bathing was also of a very special type. He not only cleaned and washed his body from outside like all of us but he also cleaned and washed his internal parts. He would take out his intestines and wash them and put them back in his body. My father used to say that, only Lord Rama and Lord Krishna were born with "ASHTASIDDHIS" (eight superpowers) and that is the reason they were called Lord themselves in human form. As per him Baba's birth details were not known but his Leela's were equally competent and matching in all respects with the superpower.

On one of his visit to Shirdi, Baba told my father that he would have to, accompany him to his bathing place and will be given a special task. My father was ever willing for such a duty. He anticipated that he would get some more divine exposure, Baba said, "Bhau the assignment is very simple. I will take my bath and while doing so, you kindly wash my Kafani. After washing you will have to hold it in the Sunlight with both your hands raised till it dries up. As you know that I take an unusually long time for my bath hence by the time I finish my bath it would dry up and I could wear it again. Please note that it should not touch the ground while it is drying." My father instantly agreed to perform the task and proceeded to do it practically. They went to Lendi Baug where there was a covered room with tin sheets and a big rectangular stone on which Baba use to take bath. My father waited outside the bathroom for Baba to offer his Kafani for washing. As there was no call from Baba and the Kafani was not coming forth, he got impatient. He thought it must be one of those gimmicks of Baba. He decided to peep inside the room through the small opening in the door. To his utter disbelief he saw Baba's body was emanating rays of light from each and every pore of his body. He could not bear the powerful light and feared of losing his eyesight. Also his misdeed would come to surface. At that very moment he heard Baba giving him the call for collecting the Kafani for washing. My father collected the Kafani, took it near the well and washed it thoroughly with soap. After rinsing the water by squeezing it he held it in both his hands in the blazing hot sunlight. Initially he could bear the weight of it, but as the time passed the Kafani started getting heavier instead of losing the weight due to drying. My father realized that he would now fail the test, as the Kafani would touch the ground soon. He decided to pray and seek the help from Lord Hanuman to grant him sufficient strength to get through the arduous task. As he was offering his prayers to Lord Hanuman, he heard Baba yelling form inside "Hey Bhau! Why are you calling for help from Lord Hanuman?" Undoubtedly Baba was "ANTERDNYANI"(possessing intuitive knowledge) who could read your mind with pinpointed accuracy. Then my father requested Baba for forgiveness as he had committed the sin of trying to look at Baba's naked body. Baba responded to his confession and in no time my father found the Kafani had become lighter. My father thanked Baba and took a vow not to venture into any such adventures. He had realized that one could not hide anything from Baba. So great were the teachings of Baba and with your permission could I take the liberty of saying that fortunate were those recipients who were blessed with the teachings directly by Baba?"