Thursday, March 10, 2016

Experiences of the Tarkhad Family with Shirdi SaiBaba 20 of 21 - The savior is always stronger than the destroyer

Experiences of the Tarkhad Family with Shirdi SaiBaba  20 of 21 - The savior is always stronger than the destroyer

Author: Virendra Jyotindra Tarkhad


An Encounter with a Ghost:

Dear readers I am fully aware that we are passing through the 21st Century and it is difficult to have a belief on the existence of a Ghost. I myself am an engineer and firm believer in science and have been around the world. This experience is that of my father and that too in the holy place like Shirdi Baba's 'KARMABHOOMI', where Baba performed all godly deeds unbelievable to mankind. I will therefore narrate to you the experience as stated by my father and as competently stored in my memory is able to recall the same.


On one of his visits to Shirdi on a particular day early in the morning my father was performing his morning duty in Shirdi. This was near the bank of the rivulet and he was sitting under a Peepal tree. It was still dark and there appeared in front of him a wild cock. It was giving its crowing call but the sound of the crowing call was very funny which my father had never heard before. The wild cock attracted the attention of my father towards him. My father started watching him and suddenly the cock turned into a black colored snake. The snake rose and took an upright position over there and expanded its hood.   My father was scared and started praying for Baba's help. After a little while the snake disappeared from there. My father was scared to death. He decided to hurriedly complete his morning duty and move away from that spot. As he was in that process, he heard someone saying "Hey Mansa (human) you are sitting in my way from where I pass daily. I order you to move away from my way." In no time a small dwarf like ugly looking person stood in front of him. My father told him that there is plenty of place around for him to go and as such after finishing his morning duty he would anyway vacate the place. But that dwarf started growing taller and taller and said "Have you not recognized me? I am "VETAL" and this is my territory and I once again order you to move away from here." Though my father was very scared but for him, only Baba could order him in Shirdi as he reckons him to be the Master of the place and nobody else. My father then lifted handful of mud and taking Baba's name threw it on that tall standing Vetal and prayed to Baba to come to his rescue. He saw a big line of smoke in place of that Vetal which disappeared in the thin air. My father literally ran away from that place. After taking his bath and breakfast he went to Dwarkamai. As he approached Baba's feet, he heard Baba asking him rather jokingly Hey Bhau early this morning why were you seeking the help of my udi? My father fell at his feet and told him what all had happened. In that process he told Baba that as he was not having his Udi with him he picked up the mud of Shirdi (Baba's Karmabhoomi) and treated it like Udi and threw it on the Vetal. On hearing that Baba said "Bhau you did a good job to-day. You have given Mukti (salvation) to that Vetal." My father told Baba that he acted upon all the instructions coming to him from his Lord i.e. Baba, because at that scary moment he had lost his thinking power. He profusely thanked Baba.


With Baba's permission then he asked him whether these Ghosts or Witches etc are true things in this world. Baba replied saying "Bhau this is also the creation of The Lord. But remember the savior is always stronger than the destroyer is. While I am sitting in this sacred Dwarkamai no one can inflict any harm to you. Be fearless in Shirdi.


" Dear Sai Devotees believe me while narrating this to you all I get vibrations all over my body. My humble request to you all is, please believe this. In any case it was not an imagination of my father, because why should he do so? I am sure my father must be getting queries in his inquisitive mind and Baba would resolve them in his own ways. This must have happened to many of his devotees at that time.