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Sai Experiences of Muktaram – Part 3 of 3

Sai Experiences of Muktaram –  Part 3 of 3


Muktaram as a medium

Around the same time Honorary Magistrate Chhotubhaiya Parulkar (also a resident of Harda) had a dream and in it Baba said, "I have come to Sadubhaiya's place. Come for a Darshan!"

After receiving Kakasaheb's letter, Sadubhaiya did not send any one to the station, but went himself. He saw Balaram and Muktaram sitting in a compartment with the photo placed in between the two. He prostrated before Baba's photo, greeted Balaram and Muktaram and took them to his home.

It was the day of Dasnavami. A lot of people had gathered to welcome them. With great fanfare, evening Arati was performed.

Next day was Thursday. As guided by Balaram and Muktaram, a Pooja of the photo was performed with Rudrabhishek. Thereafter the photo was placed on a throne and Arati and Mantrapushpanjali were performed.

While the Abhishek was being performed, Muktaram climbed first on the balcony and from there on the roof of the house and hoisted a flag. Actually, the place - from where the flag post was tied – was very precarious and if his foot had slipped, it was a sure call for death. Everyone was watching with bated breath. However, within a batting of an eyelid, Muktaram accomplished the task and safely came down.

While Muktaram was hoisting the flag, here in Shirdi Baba's hands started severely aching. While Fakir Baba was pressing His hands, He uttered, "Garibonka Allah Malik Wali HAI. Allahase Bada Koi Nahi''. (Allah is everything for the poor people. No one is greater than Allah.)

Here Baba's photo was installed at Sadubhaiya's place and same night in Jalgaon, Sadubhaiya's wife as well as cousin brother had following dreams.

His wife saw that Madhavrao Deshpande had come with a coconut, Khan (blouse piece) and packets of Haldi-Kumkum and said to her, "Baba has sent this Oti for you."

Sadubhaiya's cousin brother Shri Narayan Dadaji dreamt that he is standing in front of Baba and Baba is saying to him, "We are going to Harda. You also come with us!" Next he saw that both of them were standing on the banks of river Godavari. It appeared that the river had swelled with more water than was usual and where they were standing, nearby there were two gunny bags of wheat.

Baba asked Narayanrao, "How are we going to cross the river now?" But, suddenly, there appeared 10 Nandi Bail (holy bullocks) carrying loads on their backs and a well-constructed road also appeared. Baba and the Nandi Bail accompanied Narayanrao from his house in Harda till the house of Sadubhaiya (where the flag had been hoisted) and suddenly disappeared.

Thus Baba had established His Sansthan at Harda and for the purpose, He had used Muktaram as a medium.

In short, Muktaram was a man who had embraced Vairagya. He had given up family life and bowed at the feet of Baba. He laid down his life in Shirdi and his Samadhi was built in Lendi baug in Shirdi. The people - who initially had criticized Muktaram – later on started paying respects to his Samadhi. It was Baba's desire to be so. Without it, nothing would have been possible.