Monday, March 21, 2016

Baba never made any long speeches

Baba never made any long speeches


Did Baba ever teach thus? It is natural to the readers of the 32nd and the 33rd chapters of 'Bhakta leelamrit' written by Das Ganu Maharaj to have a doubt whether Baba ever made

such longwinded speeches.


Baba never made any such speeches about spirituality. It was his manner to seize the moment to teach in small sentences and words the wonderful truths of spirituality. Some of his teachings are available to us in the form of aphorisms. He never explained the spiritual truths in the style as was shown in these chapters. What about the teachings contained in these chapters? Das Ganu gave the explanation himself on another occasion.


"The teachings I have attributed to Baba as having been told to Nanasaheb Chandorkar is not a verbatim transcription. Nana told me of some spiritual truths revealed to him by Baba. I used my imagination to enlarge and expound upon these matters. Baba had merely taught

the essence."


It is therefore evident that the long passages attributed to Baba in Das Ganu's books or in later histories of Baba are not verbatim transcripts of his teachings.


(SRI SAIGURUCHARITRA - by devotee Ganpatrao Dattatreya Sahasra-buddhe better known as Das Ganu Maharaj)