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Experiences of Baba’s Dearest Devotee - NANASAHEB CHANDORKAR Part 2 0f 5

Experiences of Baba's Dearest Devotee - NANASAHEB CHANDORKAR Part 2 0f 5



The sign language used by the Guru and His disciple

On some occasions, Baba had given some specific indications to Nanasaheb. Due to the exceptional devotion of Nanasaheb towards Baba, He had even shared some of His supernatural experiences with Nana.

Das Ganu Maharaj has noted that -"Once, in the presence of Nanasaheb, Baba told me that the brick - against which He reclines – was given to Him by HisGuru Venkusha."

On another occasion, Baba said to Kakasaheb Dixit and Nanasaheb that "Now I will go and return when I am eight years old." It is relevant to note that as per the ancient Puranas Lord Shri Krishna came to Devakimata when he was eight years of age. Balasaheb Deo says "TheGuru discloses such secret signs only to those disciples who have the authority."

In the initial years, the discussions between Baba and Nanasaheb were normal. However, soon Nanasaheb realized that Baba has profound knowledge of Sanskrit. Thereafter, their discussions moved to a much higher level and encompassed subjects like Bhagvad Gita - Vedant etc. Nanasaheb posed his problems before Baba and Baba gave clarifications in a very simple and lucid language. Those present used to get stunned.

Faith in Nana

Baba once said to Nanasaheb, "If you ask me to give you some worldly possessions, then I will not be able to give them to you. You will get them as per the deeds committed by you in your previous births. However, if you want me to guide you on the path of Parmartha, I will do so." With great joy, Nanasaheb agreed to this and he vowed to devote himself to Parseva (service of others) and through it achieve his self-progress. This is known as Bhagwat Dharma which was always propagated by Baba.

During the course of their various discussions, in the year 1900 Baba once explained to Nanasaheb the detailed meaning of Shloka 34 from Adhyay 4 of Bhagvad Geeta. This has also appeared in the book "Shri Sai Satcharita Adhyay 39 and 50). Nanasaheb conveyed this incident to many other devotees. However, some of them were skeptical. They started saying that "Nanasaheb wants to show off his profound knowledge of Sanskrit and hence, concocted a story." In his article, Deo has refuted this in great detail.

Staunch opposition to pompous show

The flow of devotees kept on increasing incessantly. In their enthusiasm, the visiting devotees as well as some people around Baba even forgot His simple way of life and began pouring various articles at Baba's feet. Some things were even ordered from outside by the people surrounding Baba. They forgot that Baba never had any use for such things.

Gradually, Shirdi started becoming a Sansthan (a princely state). Nanasaheb knew that this was detrimental to the path of Parmarth. He was very much disturbed by the transformation of simple Pooja andArati into a pompous show.


Source: Translated from http Gujarati Book "Sai Sarovar"