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Experiences of Baba’s Dearest Devotee - NANASAHEB CHANDORKAR Part 3 of 5

Experiences of Baba's Dearest Devotee - NANASAHEB CHANDORKAR Part 3 of 5


Nanasaheb was instrumental in bringing devotees like Balasaheb Deo, Tatyasaheb Nulkar and others to Baba. A substantial correspondence was exchanged between Nanasaheb and Nulkar. In the letters, time and again Nulkar has expressed his eternal gratitude towards Nanasaheb for taking him to Baba.

Picture given to Shri B.V.Dev

In his letter dated 16th November 1910, he poured out his anguish to Tatyasaheb.

Thane 16-11-1910

Dear Tatyasaheb,

My Sashtang Namaskar to Shri Gururaj Saimauli and also to Bapusaheb (Jog) and both Madhavraos (Deshpande and Adkar).

I wonder, what is the purpose is served in the daily Pooja by articles like Morchel (a brush of peacock feathers), Chavari (a fly whisker), Chhadi (a wooden stick / staff). 'Pooja' is to be performed with self-less devotion. It is true that Shri (Sai Baba) reluctantly gives His permission. But, we devotees are losing a lot through such a ritual. His blessings are being wasted on such futile matters. He is a Kalpataru (a Tree which fulfils any desire). He satisfies the desires of anyone who goes to His feet. But, it is not proper to become His devotee with the sole intention of fulfilling one's desires. Those who make rich offerings with a view to achieve their desires create ill-will in the minds of those devotees who are unable to make such offerings.

Shri does not need such a display of wealth. On the day of Tulshi Vivah, Shri was furious. This was a clear indication that He does not like such things.

I do not care for others. But, as you are my close friend, I am taking the liberty of cautioning you in participating in such rites. Rest when we meet.


N. G. Chandorkar (Contd.)

– Translated from original Marathi into English by Sudhir


Source: Translated from Gujarati Book "Sai Sarovar"