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Experiences of the Tarkhad Family with Shirdi SaiBaba 21 of 22 - Mother now onwards you will start feeling better and better

Experiences of the Tarkhad Family with Shirdi SaiBaba  21 of 22 - Mother now onwards you will start feeling better and better

Author: Virendra Jyotindra Tarkhad



Sai's Darshan to Grandma Dear Sai devotee readers as the saying in Marathi goes during those 17 rounds of Shirdi my father was enriched with multifold experiences and whenever he use to get into that spiritual mood he would narrate those experiences and amuse us. I am sure he must be getting immense pleasure out of it. I once again sincerely wish he should have written them. I am narrating to you those few, which have made lasting impressions on me and of course those, which I am in a position to recollect. My intentions are simply to make known to Sai devotees the great prowess of Shirdi Sai Baba and while doing so make an attempt to express my devotion to him. My great grandparents, who were staying in their bungalow at Charni Road Chowpaty (Girgaum Beach), had come to know that Ramchandra (my grandfather) and Jyotindra (my father) were frequently visiting Shirdi. As father and son were staying in Bandra in Tata Blocks on rental basis they would meet them only occasionally-The living style of my great grandparents was in line with the English people of that time. However my great grandmother was very inquisitive person and she would inquire with my father about Shirdi Sai Baba and his Leelas whenever he would visit them at Chowpaty. She would always tell him to take her to Shirdi for Darshan of Lord Sai and my father would always assure her. He was sure that it would not happen, as his grandfather would never allow such a visit. She was seventy plus in. age and the grandfather was a non-believer in Babas or Saints. . It so happened that there was an epidemic Of Plague in Mumbai and the doctors had not found the definite medicine or cure for the dreadful disease till then. My great grandmother (I will address her as grandma now onwards) was running temperature and the treatment given by her husband, who was a doctor was not yielding any good results. On learning about her illness my father paid a visit to their residence. During the visit grandma told my father that she would not come out of that Plague attack and he should offer prayers to Sai Baba to come to her rescue. She would then visit Shirdi and take his Dashan. On hearing her plea my father advised her that if she had a genuine belief in Lord Sai then she should offer her prayers from her bed and Lord Sai would surely come to her help.

My father then put a small packet of Udi (which he always carried in his wallet) under her pillow and after coming home prayed to Lord Sai to offer relief to her. On the third day early morning the servant from Chowpaty Bunglow came to Bandra and said that he is being summoned to bring Jyotiba (my father) along with him. My grandfather and father were worried and prayed that nothing untoward had happened. They immediately rushed to Chowpaty. On reaching there and seeing grandma sitting on the bed they got the jolt of their life. She was in tears and said "Jyotibaba last night your Sai Baba came over here. He was wearing white robe and head tied with white cloth. He was having a white beard. He stood near my bed and laid his Palm laden with Udi on my forehead and said, "Mother now onwards you will start feeling better and better" and he disappeared. After that I started sweating profusely and my fever had vanished. Early morning I was feeling normal and I did not brush my teeth and asked the servant to bring a mirror to me. On seeing my face I could clearly see the print of his Udi laden palm on my forehead. I therefore sent the servant to summon you and now you can see for yourself." Grandma's and Grandson's joy knew no bounds at that moment.   My father instantly thanked Lord Sai for his divine services. Dr. Tarkhad (Grandpa) also was astonished, as many of his Plague infected patients were no more. They arranged for a Kirtan Program of Dasganu Maharaj in their Bungalow and as such Baba's Darshan to grandma had already taken place. Lord Sai had fulfilled her desire on his own. Sai I am short of words to express our gratitude to you. Please continue your divine blessings on all of us.

Dear Sai Devotee readers with this self-experience of the Tarkhad family I wish to complete this chapter. Before proceeding further I sincerely request the soul of my father whom we use to call Dada, to earnestly pardon me in case I have faltered anywhere in narrating his valuable experiences and made any mistakes. I am sure the great soul wherever it is, would pardon me because my sole intention of writing this book is exclusively to salute Dada which I could not do during his lifetime and I think it is better late than never.