Sunday, March 6, 2016

Das Ganu Discarding Pride

Das Ganu Discarding Pride


It is our nature to enthusiastically share our convictions about Sai devotion with others and expect them to follow the same. Those who have seen the miracles of Lord Sai tend to wish that the grace that they have received should also be bestowed upon others. Thus, every Sai devotee is a Sai servant involving in spreading the love and message of Sai. While some indulge in Sai activities with voluntary willingness, others accomplish the same indirectly by sharing their experiences with Sai. It is natural that the good results of everyone's such actions depend on their capabilities and the extent of their involvement. However, what God wants is the true love and devotion but not the magnitude of their gross efforts! In the great epic Ramayana, the efforts put forth by the squirrel on the sand is considered equal to that of mighty Hanuman. Lord Rama looked at the specks of sands that squirrel contributed to the bridge with the same love and appreciation as that of the boulders moved effortlessly by the monkey God.


Occasionally, an intense participation in spreading God's words and involvement in such service leads some to believe that their service to Sai is superior and not those of others. This leads to feelings of jealousy and hatred amongst Sai children eventually leading to their spiritual downfall. Only Lord Sai, the merciful Sadguru can save those from such eventuality.


Once, Das Ganu Maharaj had to face a similar situation. Even though Das Ganu was the one that inspired thousands of listeners through his spellbinding Sai gospel, he used to be averse to one particular female devotee in Shirdi Village. He used to criticize her in others' presence, sometimes in a very acrid tone. Once, as Das Ganu was indulging himself in such a deplorable act, Sainath Maharaj summoned Das Ganu and chided him for his behaviour. Baba scolded Das Ganu that people involved with God's work must not possess arrogance and that Das Ganu should seek forgiveness at the feet of the woman devotee who was the subject of Das Ganu's contempt. It was not easy for Das Ganu, the most revered kirtankar of his times who commanded respect from his followers, to stoop down and fall at the feet of a woman. However, he had to obey the Great Master and in the process he was reformed to a humble servant of God and not an arrogant apostle who thought himself to be superior to others!


(SRI SAIGURUCHARITRA - by devotee Ganpatrao Dattatreya Sahasra-buddhebetter known as Das Ganu Maharaj)