Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Baba given Darshan and helped Sri Navin Bhagwanji Desai, Jalalpur, Gujarat

Baba given Darshan and helped Sri Navin Bhagwanji Desai, Jalalpur, Gujarat



I got my father, mother, wife and children I became a Sai devotee since 1967 and I completely attached to His feet thinking that He is the only guide, saviour and God to me. Baba given Darshan to me in my dream in my house. He asked me to come to His Samadhi in Shirdi. I gone to His Samadhi. Baba put thilak on my forehead, spread a towel and poured on it 300 silver one rupee coins tied it, gave it to me and asked me to go away. I got down from the Samadhi. He again called me. I got up His Samadhi. He put some jaggery into my mouth by taking it from a Katturi and asked me to go away. Then I came to my place". I tought it was an auspicious Symptom for me to visit Shirdi. I first gone to Shirdi in 1967 and got accommodation in Baba's Gurusthan building. I requested Baba to give His darshan to prove to me that He has accepted me as His devotee. Accordingly to my wish, Baba given me darshan as he was watering the plants behind the Samadhi Mandir".


Afterwards, I resigned my job which fetched me .Rs. 1800/- P. M. I was fully emerged in Baba's devotion. My wife was a teacher. All on a sudden she became mad and talking indifferently. I tried all sorts of medicines for her cure by spending nearly Rs. 10,000/- The doctor told me at length that there is no use of medical treatment to her and that I have to seek her Divine aid. One day night at about 2-30 A. M. she told me that she had given her earnings of about Rs. 40,000/- to me and wanted divorce from me with Rs. 40,000/-. I was too much worried and prayed to Baba heartily "that if you do not find solution for her status within 24 hours, you will not be considered as Baba". Daily one singer used to come to our house in the morning at about 5 A.M. for alms. Next day morning my wife gave her alms. At that time he told her that she was not a mad woman and that somebody had done evil things to her. She will be cured shortly. I too heard this with her and ascertained Baba's dictum through Him. I took her to the adjacent village where such cases are attended to in a Maruthi Mandir. She was cured of from her evil spirits by an expense of Rs. 1-50 by the grace of Baba and she became more devoted to Shri Sai Baba than myself.


Again in 1967, I visited Shirdi for the second time with my family and I got my room in the ground floor of the Gurusthan. When I went out for shopping a well built dog gone before me and stopped in front of one shop. I purchased my required article from that shop. Again the dog directs me to follow and took me to 4 or 5 shops and I purchased from all the shops my required articles and finally taken me straight away to my room in Baba's Gurusthan and entered in my room and seated in my Gadi. At that time, my mother served dishes for us. The dog without any hasty gone to one dish taken something in each variety and came back and sat in the same gadi. We have taken our food and we want to vacate our room as we want to go to Surat by bus at 11 A.M. Then the time was 10-30. I requested the dog in my mind, "Baba I am satisfied for your guidance and help. I want to vacate my room and proceed to Surat, please I kindly request you to enable me to vacate my room". As soon as I thought likewise, the dog suddenly got up and went away. Afterwards, we vacated and proceeded to our place.


My brother is an illiterate. His marriage was a great problem to us as no one is forthcoming to give him daughter as he was an illiterate. The neighbor village friends' son has to be married with the daughter of our village. Both of them Bride and Bridegroom came to our house for betrothal. At that time, my heart so sickened that I stand before Baba's photo and requested heartily whether Baba would perform my brother's marriage. The betrothal party has gone from my house. After one week, one old man who have attended the betrothal had seen my brother, our house, our routine, our influence and determined to give his daughter to my brother for marriage. Baba has yielded to my prayer and settled my brother's marriage. I came to Shirdi with marriage


invitation and placed it in all the places of Baba and prayed heartily to come to the marriage and bless the couples. I performed the marriage of my brother in a grand scale in such a manner that the villagers are even now telling that they have not ever seen such kind of marriage in our village. At about 12 noon an unknown Fakir came very hastily, straight away to me and requested me for meals. I fed him in a fit manner. After his meals, I gave him the remaining amount in my packet i.e., Rs. 21/- as dakshina thinking that no other than Baba himself came and satisfied my vision.


Surrender Shri Sai Completely I Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !