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To Achieve Life’s Objective - Follow what you have studied

To Achieve Life's Objective - Follow what you have studied



"I, you, God, truth, in the same way Maruti, Vittoba of Pandarpur, Mahalsapati, Kashinath, Adkar, Sathe, Haripant, Kaka, Thatya, Ganesh Bere, Venu, Balachandra- all are God's forms. That is why we should not hate anyone. God lives in all beings. Do not forget this. The feeling of universal love will spring in the heart on its own. Once that feeling prevails in the heart one can achieve everything. Till such time one should try to keep his mind steady under control".


"As the fly revolves around the fire and goes away; so does the mind go everywhere but runs away on seeking Brahman. Unless we concentrate the mind on Brahman we cannot escape the cycle of births and deaths. Narayana, we must first escape from all this. We can have no better opportunity to do this than this birth in human form. This birth as a human presents us with an invaluable chance. The worship of God with form (murti puja) has been started to help us concentrate the mind."


"One should worship the statue or representation of God with the firm feeling that God is residing in it. By doing worship of the murti with devotion and faith one achieves concentration of the mind. Without concentration, the mind does not get stilled. So one should do worship, study spiritual texts, remember what one has studied and meditation. One should try to follow what one has studied or one has heard from the saints. Spiritual learning is the foremost of all learning. As the five-headed Shiva is the foremost in knowledge, as the Meru mountain, is the foremost among the mountains, in the same way liberation (mukti) comes by itself to one who has realized his self. The almighty God will become his servitor. The steps leading to the realization of self are most difficult. However, this is the easiest way to achieve Moksha. Let me explain this in even more detail. You, Maruti, Haripant, Bere, Kaka, Thatya and the others are all following this path. Surrender whole heartedly to God keeping in mind what I have told you and Nimonkar earlier. Visit and have the darshan of mahatmas frequently. One should follow the moral way of life punctiliously and do only those actions which brings merit. By such conduct your heart will be pure at the end of your time. Do not be deluded at your end by increasing your love or being infatuated by any person or object. Call upon God with a mind stilled in concentration.


Meditate upon your Ista. By such meditation, you will achieve samipya mukti at the end. Recently a lady called Bannu had left her body and achieved this state in Bodhegaon. In the same way Adkar and Venu will also achieve mukti". Baba concluded his discourse and kept his right hand on Chandorkar's head in benediction. Chandorkar was overcome with happiness. He prostrated and with his hands folded in reverence said, "Baba, Oh siddha of siddhas! Mountain of mercy! Thou art the father and mother and everything to me. Oh manifestation of the perfect eternal Brahman! Oh the receptacle of all auspiciousness in this world! Oh thou most munificent one! Oh thou who would enable us to cross this dangerous ocean of worldliness! Thou hast taught me the divine knowledge and hast taken me, an ignoramus, forward towards salvation! May your kind grace fall on us thus forever." Baba said firmly, "I will never let my devotee fall from grace. You need have no doubt about this. This is my promise. May the all merciful Allah-i-llahi bless you".


Dear listeners! The devotees prostrated at Baba's feet in devotion remembering Baba's infinite greatness in their minds. Their devotion is so great that we are not even equal to the dust of the dust of their feet. Baba is the mother and father of us orphans. He has incarnated in this world with the mission of leading us forward towards salvation. Baba and his devotees met today in that Maharaj's royal court. Baba has cooked with his own hands the delicious dishes of devotion, knowledge and dispassion to serve to his devotees. Let us all partake freely of that meal. Eat to your heart's content taking what you will. Enough, for now. Let us repair to that great saint - Sri Sai Baba. Let us wait like dogs at his door sill for the crumbs of knowledge from his table. We would achieve salvation if we can get even a single crumb from him. Our life would not have been spent in vain. Come, we may not get such a chance again. The merit of a thousand yajnas is obtainable here.


May all those who reverently read this chapter; or those who listen to it with concentration even once; achieve salvation. The history of that great saint Sri Sai Baba given in the three chapters of 'Bhakta leelamrit' is like the three holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati.  Come, gain the merit of bathing in the holy confluence of the three rivers by immersing yourself in the holy teaching of Baba given in these three chapters. May all weal be to you.


This is the end of 33rd chapter of 'Bhakta Leelamrit' written by Das Ganu Maharaj.


(SRI SAIGURUCHARITRA - by devotee Ganpatrao Dattatreya Sahasra-buddhebetter known as Das Ganu Maharaj)