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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA NINE - Verses 2866 to 2889 of 3047


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA NINE - Verses 2866 to 2889 of 3047








2866: Mystery of Lord's Play


Body the gambling board;

Five the dice;

Three the channels

Fifty-one the squares

Thus the Jivas play the game;

He who thus leads them to it,

The mystery of His play

I know not.



2867: Holy Way is Strewn With Thorns


The Holy Way is by thorny bushes covered

They know not how to remove it;

They who know how to remove it

Are they for whom my heart yearns.



2868: Kundalini Yoga


Six are the streets

In their junction are juicy palm trees four;

With ladder difficult to climb,

I ascended the palm's heights;

And there I saw the seas seven.



2869: Abnegation of Desires Leading to Liberation Through Yoga


I sowed the seed of brinjal

And the shoot of balsam-pear arose;

I dug up the dust;

And the pumpkin blossomed;

The gardner-gang prayed and ran;

Full well ripened the fruit of plantain.



2870: Sahasrara Center of Liberation


With the seed of Lord

There is a field

Where the Jiva ripens

That field they know not;

If the Grace of Blue-throated Lord there is,

Easy to enter that field

In Truth it is.



2871: Turiya State


A deep field there is one;

Waste fields two are there;

Another alien field with them lay mingled;

Those that plough the field of heart

For them the field fed with water,

Lay ripe in harvest rich.



2872: Kundalini Yoga


In the Triangular Field,

Are the Ploughs Three;

Yoke the bulls tight with rope;

Drive the ploughshare deep

They who held not their tongue,

Ploughed not in the Center

Closing their legs together,

They plough the waste in vain.



2873: Control of Breath


Two the picottahs, seven the wells;

The elder draws out, the younger waters;

If into fields the water flows not,

And into waste flows,

Verily is it unto the fowl

That the harlot rears.



2874: Tattvas-Lower and Higher


Twenty and four the cows that stray uncontrolled,

Other cows gentler are seven and five;

Well may the gentler ones a whole pot of milk give;

But Jiva has the straying uncontrolled ones alone.



2875: Yoga Way to Transcend Tattvas


Twenty and four the cows that are in calf;

Better far a pitcher of milk from cows that yield;

When you know how to milk the cows of breath (yoga)

The other cows near not.



2876: Yogic Kecari Mudra For Liberation


In the upper storey of the house of smith

Was a bud-like mass, that unto copper (sheet) expanded;

He shaped it round, folding it in Truth

Thus the smith made it his own.



2877: Sublimate Bindu Within into Para Bindu


In the eroding seed bed

Of Sorrow's field,

Train the flowing water

And dam it tight;

Then plough with the goodly young bull,

And transplant the cucumber seedling;

That shall indeed into goodly seed ripe.



2878: Liberation only for Those who Strive


Strewing the seed,

And applying manure in baskets full,

And ploughing with yoked bulls,

And digging out the weeds,

Thus producing rice,

And cooking in vessels big,

Gently should they consume it;

This they do not;

How then do they the sweet rice crop harvest,

Lying indifferent?



2879: Attaining the Triple Turiya States


The seed for future ripened

The seed ripened over quite a stretch,

For those whom the seed ripened in stages three

The three spaces above, too, ripened.



2880: Do not Cultivate the Waste of Worldly Pleasures


Why they plough the waste, we know not,

They who plough the waste have design none,

They who plough the waste perish,

Unto the young weeds

That waste shoots.



2881: Yoga Leads to Grace


Within the shed where jackals howl,

Rouse your call;

The binding Pasas to Fire Consign;

Thus spend days continuous;

Then the goodly Lady appears

And there in the home, you shall be well.



2882: Experiences in the Mystic Sphere of Sahasrathala


On the mountain it rained,

The young deer leapt;

The rich ripe fruit from bunch above dropped;

Unto the metal on the smith's furnace,

It melted;

And over the heart, He made it flow.



2883: Control Senses


In Brahmin's home are Milk Cows Five

With none to herd them, they stray uncontrolled,

If a cowherd there is, and controlled they are,

The Five Cows will milk in abundance give.



2884: How to be Youthful


The five wild bulls of Jiva,

And the fierce lions thirty,

The two mangoes sweet,

The fradulent nine

And the mind within,

If yours they become, firm controlled,

The bull, old becomes not;

If not, they put fire to it.



2885: Immortality Through Yoga


The Truth of the Unwritten Book,

The Immaculate Virgin in clarity chanting,

The nectar of Flower, unopened until then,

Gushed forth;

As the Bee its fragrance drank,

Unborn it became.



2886: Sure Death, if Breath is not Controlled


The deceptive one that leaves,

The false seed that enters;

The Five who eat of the broth made

Of the ripe fruit of flourishing Jamun tree;

-All, all, went the burning roof's way.



2887: Body Perishes if Yoga is not Practiced


From the Bamboo Shoot arose a Margosa tree

Close on Margosa was a Palmyrah,

In that Palm is a Snake

Knowing not to drive that Snake and eat it,

The Margosa tree withered away.



2888: How the Body is


Ten the tigers big,

Ten and Five the elephants,

Five the learned

Ten the jesters,

Three that are upright

Six the physicians,

Five the lordly ones,

There they all stand.



2889: Control Breath


Two the bulls in this hamlet,

One the servant for the bulls two;

Control the bulls two, firm,

As one they will then be.