Sunday, February 14, 2016

Even the impossible becomes possible by His will – Sai Helping on a lawsuit for Appa

Even the impossible becomes possible by His will – Sai Helping on a lawsuit for Appa


Appa was the Kulkarni (revenue official) of the Shirdi village. He was ever immersed in service to Sri Sai Baba. It is the merit of our past lives, which rules our mind and dictates our actions. Now hear what happened once to Appa Kulkarni by the effects of his past Karma. A case was filed against him alleging misappropriation of funds. Only God knows for certain whether he was innocent of the charge or not. The people started vilifying Appa, saying that he was a corrupt man and a troublesome character. Appa heard these gossip of the villagers. He was troubled in his mind whether Sai Maharaj too would hear these rumours and start believing them. The revenue officer superior to Appa issued summons to him to come for an inquiry into the allegations against him. Appa was in a great panic. He was apprehensive that he may not come back to Shirdi again from the inquiry. He went to the Masjid and saluted Baba with reverence. He said, "Oh! Supreme amongst the guru's, you are a saint. You are verily God. A great calamity has befallen me. Baba, I know that you can command time itself. You know whether this calumny is true or not. Oh powerful one! You are omniscient. You know the past, present and the future. What more can I say than this? You are my mother. I turn to you as my refuge and last resort. Only you can save me and my good name from these infamous allegations." Appa grasped Baba's feet and prostate on the ground, started weeping piteously.


"Baba, if something bad happens to me at the inquiry, it will bring you a bad name and disrepute. Oh powerful one, keep this in mind and remove this affliction. When I have Kubera (the God of riches) with me why should I wander abroad for alms form house to house? Do the children who drink the milk from the overflowing udders of that gem amongst cows, the wish fulfilling Kamadhenu, search elsewhere for milk? When the Kalpa Vruksha which fulfils all one's desires is with one does he seek thorny bushes? Do the fish leave the vast ocean of milk and seek refuge in mere rivulets? Baba, I have sought shelter at your lotus like feet. You are my mother, my father, please save me from this danger. If you remove me to safety from this danger, all will laud you as the saviour. On the other hand, if I am punished, it will be a black mark on your fame. Sai, please shower your kind, benevolent grace on me." Appa begged Baba piteously for his kind grace.


Baba's heart melted. He said, "There is no need for you to worry anymore. Have faith in me! Go from here to Niwasa Village. There, one the bank of the Pravara River, the God who plays the part of the unseen director of this whole universe, has taken the form of Mohini. Go thou there. He, to whom Jnaneswar had surrendered when he wrote, the 'Bhavartha Deepika' (commentary on Bhagavat Gita); He who incarnated ten times to rid this world of evil and uphold the dharma; that Allah-I-llahi has assumed form there to save these foolish people steeped in ignorance. Go thou there to him. Salute him with reverence and then go to your superior. The all merciful Allah will protect you. Do not fear."


Appa Kulkarni went to the Mohini Raj on the banks of the Pravara River and after paying obeisance went to where the inquiry was scheduled. He kept repeating the holy name of Sri Sai Baba while answering the questions of his superior. The inquiry concluded. The officer said, "It is my belief that you have been falsely accused in this case. I am of the opinion that you have not misappropriated any money. You are free to go." Appa turned towards Shirdi and danced with happiness.


Appa praised Baba, "Sai Baba, thou wish fulfilling Kalpa Vruksha of the devotees! Thou the protector of the devotee! Thou abode of dispassion! You have shown great kindness to me. I have succeeded by your grace. You have upheld my honour, Baba, thou great mahatma."


Appa arrived at Shirdi the next day and hurried to the Masjid. He informed Baba of what all had transpired at the inquiry. Baba heard him out in silence and said, "God is the one who is the doer and the one makes us do action. He is the refuge of the true devotee. Even the impossible becomes possible by his will."



(SRI SAIGURUCHARITRA - by devotee Ganpatrao Dattatreya Sahasra-buddhebetter known as Das Ganu Maharaj)