Monday, February 22, 2016





"What an amazing sport of God is this! Who can understand his ways? His deeds know no bounds." – Shri Sai Samartha Satcharita, Ch. 18, Ove 125.



Prophet Mohammad's life is in danger. Information has reached him that people are out to kill him under cover of the night.


It is a dark hour. Mohammad leaves his home and the town of his birth; with him is his faithful friend and follower; Abu Bakr.


In hot pursuit of these two devoted servants of God are those who wish to kill Mohammad. They are so many; they are riding strong steeds and in their hands are drawn swords and sharp lances. Abu Bakr sees them from a distance and feels nervous. In the agony of terror, he says to Mohammad, "They are coming; soon they will slay us with their sharp swords. And our bodies will lie on the desert sands to be devoured by wild beasts."


Mohammad is silent; he speaks not a word. In his heart, he feels sure that God is with him and no harm can come his way. Nearby is a cave. Mohammad and Abu Bakr hide themselves in its depths. The party of persecutors halt at the mouth of the cave; their leader suspects that Mohammad has entered the cave. Abu Bakr begins to tremble and whispers to Mohammad, "What shall we do now? We are two and they are so many!"


Quietly answers Mohammad, "Not so, my friend, we are not two but three! The third is Allah. When He is near, we need not fear!"


A miracle has happened. Just after the two fugitives entered the cave and little before the party of persecutors arrived, a huge spider crawled to the entrance of the cave and wove its web across it. Seeing the web, some of the persecutors exclaim, "Mohammad could not have got into the cave. Don't you see the spider's web covering the entrance? Had anyone got in, the web would have been torn. Let us not waste precious time; let us move on!" Mohammad is saved!