Thursday, February 11, 2016

That too will come to pass in its time – Baba says to Kaka Saheb Dixit

That too will come to pass in its time – Baba says to Kaka Saheb Dixit



Now hear the experience of Haribhau Dixit. The delusion in your hearts will be destroyed by listening to this story.


This Haribhau is a Brahmin of the nagara branch. He is a highly educated man and is well versed in English. As the bee makes the lotus its shelter, he had made the lotus feet of Sri Sai Baba his shelter and stayed on in Shirdi. By the grace of Sai Baba, his personality underwent a radical change. His earlier combativeness and hardheartedness gave way to a soft and placid temperament.


One morning Haribhau was sitting in his room and meditating. Suddenly his heart filled with a vast happiness and his eyes closed by themselves. That incomparably beautiful, blue coloured, Sri Hari, adorned with a basil leaf garland gave him his divine darshan, with his arms on his waist standing on a brick in the form of Panduranga Vittala. He was wearing the auspicious yellow dress. His head was adorned by the peacock feather and his body was smeared with the fragrant sandal. His darshan was at once beautiful and majestic.


As he got this divine vision, Haribhau was immersed in surprise and happiness. He thought, "It is due to the kind grace of Sri Sai Baba that I could have the great good fortune of this divine vision. Even though I had no qualification or right for a darshan of the almighty, Baba in his kindness has given me this darshan. What is there left to the desired in this life than such a divine experience? "He at once went to the Masjid for the darshan of Baba.


As Baba saw him he said, "Well Kaka? Has your desire been fulfilled today? Did you see Vittoba Patil? He is a Patil (officer) of the mahatmas. The Vedas themselves were unable to describe that one who saves the world." Kaka joined his hands in supplication and said, "Baba! Your divine play cannot be described. Who else but you can know their meaning? Only the mother knows what her children need and what is good or bad for them. When you, our mother, is with us why should we worry about our prosperity and happiness? We are your children. What more can I say than this? It is enough to have rock like faith in your feet. I pray to you to present me with such a faith. The darshan of Panduranga Vittala is your leela. Is it proper to see the puppet show and forget the puppeteer? There is no better puppeteer or magician than you. Even that almighty is but a puppet in your hands. Even he has to work as per your dictates. You are the form of this universe. You are a mother to me. The only thing that this child asks its mother is to let me see your form, wherever my eye falls." Baba replied, "That too will come to pass in its time, Kaka. Do not be in a hurry. Have a little patience."


Haribhau Dixit was an even more ardent devotee of Sri Sai Baba than Nanasaheb Chandorkar. He had turned his eye inwards and had done a lot of sadhana. He believed that the divine vision he got was a result of the devotion he had for his guru. Why will he, towards whom the guru is well pleased, not get the vision of the almighty? Does one not get sugar cane juice to drink in a sugar cane field ready for harvest? When one has the Ganga will one face a shortage of drinking water? When one has good quality saffron in one's hand is there a lack of fragrance?



(SRI SAI GURUCHARITRA - by devotee Ganpatrao Dattatreya Sahasra-buddhe better known as Das Ganu Maharaj)