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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA NINE - Verses 2762 to 2783 of 3047


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA NINE - Verses 2762 to 2783 of 3047






2762: Dance of the Form-Formless (Sadasiva)



The Form that dances

Is Guru's Form,

It is in sooth Formless;

That Formless One shines

As Sakti Tiripurai as well;

She verily is Uma

That is Form-Formless.



2763: The Form-Formless Dancer is Gurupara



The Holy Way is Form-Formless

In the Holy Temple of Chittambala,

The Form that dances there

Is the Form of Guru within,

They who full know,

He is Form-Formless

They receive His Grace Divine

That Jnana Way.



2764: Nadanta Dance in Prana Source



From within the head

In twelve finger-measure

The Prana breath rises high,

That highway you seek;

That the Place where

Our Lord of Nadanta dances;

That verily is the Holy Temple.



2765: Light-Form of the Divine Dancer



The wind, the cloud, lightning, rainbow, sky and thunder

All these in space arise;

Unto it,

Within the rapturous rays blended of Adharas six,

And without them too, separate,

He as Form of Light stands,

In body concealed.



2766: Dance Witnessed by Those Who Transcend Maya and Mamaya



In the elements five, and directions eight,

And above and below,

Beyond the intelligent senses

Is Bliss Divine;

For them to witness

That transcends Maya and Mamaya

The Lord stands and ever dances.



2767: In Dance Siva Blends



The Dancer blends in Sakti of charming bracelets,

The Dancer blends in blemishless Bliss,

The Dancer blends in blemishless Jnana,

The Dancer and His consort in Dance Blend.



2768: Dance for Jiva's Redemption



My Lord and His Sakti

That His Half took

Stood dancing;

That I witnessed;

For the countless Jivas

That are veiled by Maya;

As Redemption He stands,

Dancing, dancing eternal.



2769: Bliss of Siva-Sakti Pair Dance



The Form of Sakti is Bliss-All;

Of equal Bliss is Uma's Form;

Sakti's Form rising in Siva's Form

As one merged and one dance performed;

That peerless dance is bliss Perfect.



2770: Ajna Center is Astral Temple of Lord



Straight within the fore-head

Between the eye-brows

Is the astral space vast;

Peer, peer within there

The luminous Mantra (Aum) will be;

The place where they in yearning sought Him

Is the place where He in yearning is;

That verily is the Holy Temple of Chittambalam

And there did I firm sit.



2771: Seven Pedestals of Siva's Dance



The universe vast,

The Tattvas numerous,

The Sadasiva,

The Sushumna central,

The Sakti Sathavi,

The Sakti Sambhavi

The Sakti Kundalini

(That in Muladhara Plexus is)

-These seven are Siva's pedestals;

On them He dances

He, the Being Transcendental.



2772: The Light of Astral Flower in the Dance Theatre



The shedding light

Of that Astral Flower Within,

Illumines the Dance Arena entire;

Wondrous indeed that Flower is;

Its petals four (in Muladhara)

Into a hundred petals blossomed (in Sahasrathala)

And into ten and two hundred worlds expanded,

In the interminable spaces vast.



2773: Septenary Centers of Cosmic Dance



Seven Crores are the universes vast,

Seven Crores are the life forms varied,

Seven Crores the continents of the sea-girt world,

Seven Crores the Lingas in directions eight

These the Temples where His Cosmic Dance performed are.



2774: Dance in Space



The Space is His Body;

The Muyalaka (Demon) is the Darkness in that space;

The Directions eight are His spreading Hands,

The loving eyes three

Are the lights three (Sun, Moon and Fire);

Thus He dances

In the space arena,

That is Body Cosmic.



2775: Holy Dance Theatre



The Holy Dance arena is the creation countless;

The Holy Dance arena is the Holy Feet of Lord;

The Holy Dance arena is the sphere of Water and Fire,

The Holy Dance arena is the Letter-Five, verily.



2776: Pandaranga Dance at the End of Dissolution



The drums beat, the pipes played,

"Aum", they hummed;

The men danced,

"My Primal Lord!" they said;

The crowd of Ganas in serried ranks praised;

The numerous Bhootas sang

-Thus He danced the Pandaranga,

-The Dance of Dissolution

At end of Tiripurai* conflagration.



2777: Who Witnesses Golden Temple Dance



The Celestials in the universe

And the Celestials Beyond,

And the holy ones in the sea-girt world

All, all, witnessed the Golden Temple dance

Of the Lord of Lotus Feet,

And that adoring

Reached Siva-State.



2778: Rapturous Experience Flowing From Witnessing Holy Dance



At the sight of tamarind

Water in mouth wells up;

As unto it,

Are all those who witness the Holy Dance;

They shed tears of joy;

They melt in love of Lord;

In their hearts,

Ambrosial bliss of Divine Light wells up.



2779: So too: They Who Hear of It



They stagger, their sense lost,

Drunk of Sivananda Bliss;

They who still retain their senses,

Frenzied become;

Thus are they,

Who the Divine Dance witnessed,

In the Holy Arena praised by all;

Even those who hear of it

Are unto those who witness it;

-All rapture is theirs too.



2780: He Dances With Sakti



With fire and drum,

With Rudraksha garland and noose cord,

With elephant's goad, trident and skull,

With frightening blue throat where Jnana is,

With Sakti for His inseparate partner,

He dances the Dance Mighty.



2781: He Dances Inside and Outside the Heart



With the accompaniments eleven

That dance has,

With anklet feet and drum in hand,

The Nada reverberated,

And reached unto Para-Para in High Heaven;

The Holy Nandi that thus danced,

Is verily inside your heart and outside too.



2782: Dance of Divine Bliss



The nine danced,

The sixteen danced,

The loving Faiths six danced,

The seven melodies danced;

The twenty and eight rhythmic beats danced;

The Love (Sakti) too danced;

He danced the Dance of Divine Bliss.



2783: Dance of Seven Melodies



As seven subtle melodies within the seven articulated,

As the seven letters they denote,

As one harmony in the seven musical notes,

He descended and pervaded;

In the seventh state beyond the six adharas

That Jnana yoga crosses

Is Aum Paranjothi, (the Divine Light)

In the dance of seven melodies He danced.