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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA NINE - Verses 2914 to 2935 of 3047


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA NINE - Verses 2914 to 2935 of 3047



2914: Jiva Vanquishes Indriyas by Yoga

The Tiger that leaps twelve leagues crouches,

The Billows of the Hidden Sea soft spreads,

The nectar-sweet rapturous ambrosia wells up,

Thus did Jiva surround the Five that harassed.



2915: Jiva's Journey in Yoga Sea


He boarded a boat and launched into sea,

He traded well and flourished fast;

The goodly man,

To a She-devil gave his heart,

And in spirit lost droped;

To him as a rich fruit of nectar sweet

Is that Divine Water that flows.



2916: Yoga's Triumph


In the river of Leagues Three

Are Plantain Trees Three;

Ruddy fruits of triple Malas they bore;

They who are with the Lord exceeding,

Hoisted their Flag;

And seeking the Virgin through Central Sushumna,

Inhaled the Flower's fragrance, divine sweet.



2917: Yoga Vanquishes Tattvas


There is an Athi tree with root and top,

At the tip end high is the Bamboo triple crested,

With flag and army are evil spies five times five

Destroyed they shall be,

And the Sacred Conch in victory blow.



2918: Conquer Indriyas and Reach Iruvinai-Oppu and Nalapari Pakam


Pig and Snake, Cow and Monkey

Together were in the lowly Jackal herd;

Joining them not and debasing himself not,

When, in balance, deeds good and bad are equal weighed

The Jiva, tinier than crab's-eye berry,

Its ego's diminution saw.



2919: Freedom From Fetters


Unopened a Bud there is;

Freed from Fetters,

The bud soon blossoms, that you see

Give up desires, the Tattvas perish;

Unless they be from Fetters free,

They see not the Blossom.



2920: Uniqueness of Ambrosial Flow in Cranium


Green that Land, you no water flows,

None know it ever;

The Water that flows rain devoid

Stands not in Land untilled.



2921: Jiva Becomes Siva by Kundalini Yoga


When the Owl gets to the top of Kurunda tree

And realizes desire is the source of world

Then the Snake standing in the Center teaches (Jnana)

And Jiva, Siva becomes.



2922: IruvinaiOppu Leads to Siva


The Plantain Tree and the Surai Creeper (pepper) together covered space;

The Surai creeper is stronger by far than the Plantain tree, they say;

Cutting down the Plantain tree and Surai creeper together,

The Plantain extending flourishes sure.



2923: Give up Worldly Pursuits and Practice Yoga


Digging not the Earth,

The upland Kurava sails seas

And catches fatty fish;

Let him give it up;

(Rather let him the Earth dig)

There is a way of a Rich Catch,

That is Wealth and Food for all.



2924: Reach Nada by Yoga and Attain Status of God


In the House of Goldsmith a Child flourishes,

A Conch of Call there is;

Blow it and call the Lord in Joy;

To the Potter and the Titled Minister alike

Are granted the high state;

That do you seek.



2925: Indriyas Obstruct the Yoga Journey


The Temple buffalo left the Shed,

It saw the Army and half-way turned;

The Chief held counsel with Minister,

The Citizens closed the Gates,

Five and Four.



2926: The Lord Drives in the Tattvas into the Infant Body


The eight constituents of Body Subtle

That ultimate leave,

The eight and ten Tattvas that sneak in,

With Purusha in them immersed,

The orifices nine,

The Kundalini that serpent-like coils,

The life breath twelve finger-measure (angula) long,

-If these, the Divine Charioteer drives not in,

Verily may the infant less than human be (say, pig).



2927: Pasa Disappears With Guru's Guidance


In the Lagoon that is Moss covered,

Gently walking, the Shy Heron feeds;

When the Marching Warrior's guidance got,

Pasa, to ground laid, fluttered away.



2928: Siva Draws JivaUnto Himself


On the Peaked Mountain is a Summit High,

Beyond the Summit blows a Gusty Wind;

There blossomed a Flower that its fragrance spread

Within that Flower, a Bee its Nectar imbibed,

There the Lord unto Himself Jiva draws.



2929: Arouse Kundalini to Reach Cranium


Lute and Flute, their melody intermingling,

Siva marched ahead in Cranium within;

Even before the Bargain was struck,

The Land was up there for Him to possess.



2930: Reaching the Moon Sphere-A Mystic Secret


The trade with the One in Ambrosia

None know about,

But those who the Secret Cavern entered;

They know not,

When the Moon rises

No more darkness will be;

Some did reach there and remained ever,

They truly, are the holy beings devout.



2931: Dawn of Jnana in Sahasrathala


The Day dawned, a golden hue it took,

On the banks high, the Mastwood shed its golden pollen;

Thus it is where the Holy Lord abides;

That Sphere the Damsel reached and remained.



2932: Properly Guided Jiva Reaches the Finite State


The tribes of Indriyas to Jiva belong

Each at his gate with swords fight;

If constant guided,

Jiva takes the True Way to Frontier;

From that born none ever return;

From that very plane shall he transcend,

The Five-States-Beyond.



2933: Body No More Counts When Jiva-Siva Union is Effected


When in the Garden,

The Fruit of Mango, ripened, dropped,

What matters if Jackals outside howl?

When the Primal One was by Kundalini Fire reached,

The fleshly body that led to it,

Forever left.



2934: Dawn of Jnana Eternal Day-Light


"Dawn is it"-thus shrilled the Birds,

"Dawn is it"-thus, the flower-like Damsel

Separation fearing, bewailed;

With Her in eternal union the Lord joyed;

And for Jiva no more the dawn

No more the separation.



2935: When Pasas Leave Jiva Unites in Siva

A Boat there is in the River Ghat

The Five plant their feet and row;

Thus on the river route they trade;

If in the midst the Rudder wobbles,

That becomes This.

(No more the world trade.)