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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA NINE - Verses 2825 to 2846 of 3047


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA NINE - Verses 2825 to 2846 of 3047





2825: In the Seventh Void is Siva-Knowledge-Bliss


All voids as void

As all and nothing,

The three Voids below,

And the three Voids above,

Seeking them,

And knowing not what this Void is like,

In that Supreme Bliss

Is the Tat-Para Jnanananda;


In that He and I one become.



2826: Beyond Three Turiyas and the States They Lead to


In the Turiya First is Thom-Pada State,

In the Turiya Second is Tat-Pada State,

In the Turiya Third is Asi-Pada State,

Beyond is the Subtlety

Immense that transcends Space

There, the Holy Truth of Nandi, verily, is.



2827: The Fourth State of Bliss-A Blend of Six Attributes (Satya-Jnana-Ananda)


Peerless the Bliss that in Satya-Jnana is,

Incomparable is it to the light of pure gem's rays and the like;

Unto Lily Blue, Purity, Beauty, Color, Fragrance and Radiance

-These six, together blended, is

That Bliss-State of Satya-Jnana.



2828: Sakti is Sat, Para Jnana is Chit and Siva is Ananda


To speak of Sakti, Siva and Parajnana-Bliss

Thus are they:

Infinite high is Siva's Bliss (Ananda)

Manifestness (Svarupa) is Sakti (Sat);

Parajnana is that the Holy Guru to Jiva imparts (Chit);

-All three together are unto the Flower

Blended with Six attributes above (Sat-Chit-Ananda).



2829: Satya-Jnana-Bliss is Above the Three States


Unto the Blue Lily blossom that is blended

With Color, Purity, Beauty, Fragrance and Radiance,

It is,

When Jiva into Tat-Para blends;

Then is the State of Siva-Manifestness (Svarupa)

That is of the three States exalted,

And in Him arose Satya-Jnana-Ananda.



2830: Lord is in the Farthest Stretches of Thought


Think of Him as far as your thoughts stretch,

Adore Him in melting love,

Praise Him in songs melodious,

Well may you envelop Him in your heart;

Me too,

My Lord Nandi, His Grace extending,

Led to think of Him

To the farthest reaches of my thought.



2831: Sweetness of Satya-Jnana-Bliss


Milk, honey, juice of fruit

In ambrosial sweetness mixed;

Unto it is when the triple States of Turiya-is crossed,

And Jiva enters in Satya-Jnana-Ananda;

It is a sweetness that permeates

Every root of body's hair.



2832: Satya-Jnana-Ananda is Transcendental


Transcending spheres of immortal Celestials,

Transcending Cosmic Spaces,

Transcending sphere of Nada,

He stood, all by Himself-the Lord;

Sakti with coral lips, pearly teeth and dewy-cool speech,

And the unflickering Light of Parajnana


He stood (in Satya Jnana Ananda).



2833: How Jnanis Reach Satya-Jnana-Ananda


The Tattvas six times six

That in Eye-brow Center stand

In Waking State,

They left behind;

They rid themselves of Malas;

Were purified in Turiya that is Pure (Suddha);

Freed of the bondage condition (Pedda)

They became Siva;

Beyond that they ascended into

Satya-Jnana-Ananda (Truth-Knowledge-Bliss that is Sat-Chit-Ananda).

They, the Jnanis True.



2834: Svarupa (Manifestness) is in the Fourth Turiya State


Jiva having become Siva

And the triple Malas extinguished,

Ascending into the Triple Voids

In Desire and Not-desire ceased

Pass into the holy state of

Satya-Jnana-Ananda Bliss;

There in that farthest Turiya of Jiva,

The Self-illuminating Manifestness (Svarupa) is.





2835: Parsivam is Immanent in Svarupa State


The Holy Master, Parama Guru,

As Para constant pervades interminably all;

In that immanent state,

Extends His Self-illuminating Manifestness;

When Jiva the Final Turiya* State attains.



2836: Parasivam is Pervasive


In that primordial Flood of Waters

(At the time of Dissolution)

As Waters of the earth, the tempestuous Winds

The Fire, the Sky and Earth

He interminably extended in Space;

I know not how to limit Him

And thus adore Him.



2837: Parasiva is Immanent in All Gods


As thus He stood,

The Gods Brahma, Vishnu and others

Who wherever stood

Praise Him as Lord Supreme;

In them all He immanent stood, my peerless Lord,

And beyond them too, He stood,

He, the Lord of Worlds all.



2838: When Jnana Supreme is Attained


Knowing not the foot-prints of Faith's Way,

They the eight causal sins of greed, lust and others commit;

They are egoity possessed;

They who transcend these,

And Jnana attain,

Verily become Lord of Immortals in High Heavens.



2839: Svarupa Siva is of the Triple Turiyas and Beyond


The three gods, Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra

Are of the Primal One;

Yet is He from them separate;

Unto it, the Lord stands

In the Turiyas triple-

Jiva, Para and Siva

(One and yet separate,)

Thus say the scriptures sacred.



2840: Unless Lord Himself Reveals as Guru, He is Beyond Reach


Form He has none,

Yet Form He assumes;

Birth He has none;

Yet is He the seed of all births;

Beyond Formlessness, too, He is,

The elusive Lord;

Unless Himself as Holy Guru reveals

None, Him reach.



2841: Meditation on God's Manifestness


They who meditate on His Svarupa,

See Him as the light within;

They who meditate on His Svarupa,

Will Timeless Eternity attain;

They who meditate on His Svarupa,

Will with Celestials be;

Yet who does seek His Svarupa true

In the world here below?



2842: Behold Transcendental Light (Param Jyoti)


As I clung to the Lord that is Transcendental Light,

The Transcendental Light in me entered and remained;

And as I sank and sank into the Transcendental Light,

I beheld the Transcendental Light,

Himself aloud proclaiming.



2843: Dawn of Svarupa Bliss in Satya-Jnana-Ananda


Manifestness, Form, Attributes and Past

-All absorbed,

Satya-Jnana-Ananda arises (Truth-Knowledge-Bliss)

With the six attributes blending; (flower, purity, beauty, color, fragrance and radiance)

Unto it, arises the Bliss of Holy Guru

Of self-illumined Manifestness,

In whom the Four* Saktis absorbed are.



2844: Acting on Adi Sakti Svarupa Siva is Aum


He is Bliss beyond speech

He is Silentness

He the Self-illumined Manifestness;

When He acts on Adi Sakti,

He becomes the letters A, U and M;

And thus as Aum defying description,

He shines as the Light within.



2845: He Stands Concealed in Kalas of Sakti


In the valleys within the cranium I stood,

Adoring Him in penance devout;

And there I discovered Him, the Thief,

With Sakti standing in Kalas concealed;

Discovering Him, I ended my birth's cycle.



2846: Knowledge of the Way of Becoming


I knew the Way of Becoming,

I knew the Way of Seeking the Rare One,

I knew the Way of Entrance to Him;

No more the egoity,

None other the locale

The Primal One I become,

He and I one will be.