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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA NINE - Verses 2804 to 2824 of 3047


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA NINE - Verses 2804 to 2824 of 3047





2804: How Siva is Within


The Lord is in our heart,

As Aum is He there,

As Fire is He there,

As Order is He there,

As Space in body is He there,

He, the One Being.



2805: How Siva is Without


As the Earth vast,

As the Universe vast,

As the Void Beyond,

-Thus is the Lord pervasiveness all;

Vast indeed is His benevolence,

His Feet support the world entire;

Yet invisible is His Form,

He the Primal Lord.



2806: Siva's Light Merges in Jiva's Light


He is the Light Cosmic,

He is the Light Beyond,

He is the Light that mingles in the Light within;

In the spreading light of space,

That swallows Immensity Vast,

My body-light merged;

Shattering Existence's land-marks, all.



2807: He as Light is Immanent in Brahma and Vishnu


In the delight of the maiden's union

Is the sparkling light of the Primal One;

Immanent in Brahma and Vishnu it was,

Yet they knew it not (and contending stood);

Then He revealed Himself to them

As Light Divine,

Flaming from earth to heaven.



2808: When Siva's Light is Reached


The Light Transcendental

Is knowledge beyond knowledge;

When in it merge in silentness

In the Lights Three (within) that are mighty,

Then is Siva reached;

If His Feet there you leave not,

Long, long may you be.



2809: He Fills Space and Outer-Space


He fills the space;

He is the darling of Celestials;

He wears the serpent;

Having filled the space

He stands as outer-space

He the Fire-Hued.



2810: In Kundalini Yoga Jiva's Thought Merges in Space


As you breathe in the Yogic Way,

You reach the Inner Light,

That is the breath of worlds all;

The Damsel in the Muladhara

Then rises and upward ascends,

Spreading Her day-light brilliance,

And thus uplifted,

My thoughts in space within merged.



2811: Drink of Ambrosia in Space


Move close to Lord,

He leaves you not;

Move close to world,

He leaves you alone;

He the Supreme Lord Nandi;

Move close to the Flashing Light

Within the (mystic) astral space,

And there adore;

You may drink of Ambrosia Divine.



2812: The Cosmic Space of Samadhi


In the Outer Space is universe and the world,

In the Inner Space is Primal Jnana,

In the Space where Siva is is Light Resplendent

In the Space that composes the Cosmos

Is Samadhi's destination.





2813: Bliss in Sushupti and the Lord of Bliss in Turiya


In the conjunction of Mind is the Waking State,

Then the Dream, where bliss experienced be;

Beyond it, is (sushupti) where Bliss experience certain is;

Ascend still, there is the Void (Turiya)

Where are only Two-Bliss and Lord of Bliss.



2814: Adore Lord as "Rare" and "Great"


With His hands He peeled the elephant hide,

In His hands He held the skull,

On His crest He adorned the crescent moon,

That Lord I adored;

"Rare; Great is He;"

Beyond that I knew nothing;

Is He black or red?

I have not seen.



2815: Enter Within and Follow Guru's Way


When the Celestials above consumed ambrosia,

He consumed poison;

Follow the Way of Tapas, the holy men taught,

And enter within;

He will give you Jnana, that is pure gold;

So, Siva's Feet do seek.



2816: Kindle Light Within Light


Break open the Kundalini Light

Light the Lamp within;

Kindle the Light within that Light

They who can thus brighten,

The Light within the Light

May reach the Feet of Him,

Who is lustrous Lamp of Jnana.



2817: Know Truth of Tattva Jnana


Where Tattvas are, the Lord of Tattvas is;

Where Tattvas are not, the Lord of Tattvas is not;

When you know the truth of Tattva Jnana,

The Lord of Tattvas will there appear.



2818: Lord Stands in Astral Sphere of the Head


In the astral space that holds Jnana True,

Is the ambrosia that wells up from the fleshly body-mire;

With the spreading matted locks of lustrous golden hue,

With the haunting perfume of the ruddy (astral) flower, He stood.



2819: Brilliance of Lord's Light


Pearl, diamond, coral of three waters,

Gold of purest fineness and gems,

Into the brilliance of all these blended

Is the Light of Lord that in heaven is;

How else to describe that Divine Resplendence!



2820: Lord Himself Removed "I" and "He" Distinction


As I and He, I separate sought;

And as I thus sought,

"I and He are separate are not;"

-Thus the Lord of Primal Jnana Himself granted,

And then no more was the thought of I and He.



2821: Jnana Way is the Truth


The Jnana Way is the Nadanta Way,

The Jnana Way is the Knowledge of Self,

The Jnana Way of yoga is to center on Siva,

The Jnana Way of Silentness

Is the Veda Truth of Nadanta.



2822: Jnana is the Way to Liberation


For them who seek liberation,

Siva Jnana is the life-breath;

For them who seek liberation,

Siva God is the life-breath;

For them who seek liberation

Pranava is the center of divine union;

The Lord is the Knowledge within Knowledge,

Of those who liberation seek.



2823: Lord is the Support Unfailing


For those who can see Him

He is the light of their eyes;

For those who can see Him

He is the ambrosia of the Oceans;

Them who adore Him

The Mighty Nandi never fails;

To them alone who yearn for Him

He stands as Support unfailing.



2824: Even Celestials Are His Vassals


Unto the sound within the one-letter word "Aum" is He

He is the Great Truth the Celestials long for,

He is the Flaming Light that shines afar,

He is Our Lord,

The Immortals who adore His Feet

Are but beings to His inner service dovoted.