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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA NINE - Verses 2982 to 3004 of 3047


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA NINE - Verses 2982 to 3004 of 3047





2982: Lord is in Body Land


Mounting the Chariot of Mind

They seek the Divine Juggler;

Knowing not whether He went,

They bewail;

Wandering in lands and kingdoms far and near,

I saw Him in this fleeting Body-Land.



2983: Glorious Reward of Prayer


Who were they,

Unto mountain on kingly elephant sat,

And to sweet music accompanying, in procession went?

Of yore, they chanted the Primal Lord's name in fervor

And so attained the status exalted.



2984: I See not My Father


The Pearl of pearls,

The Lovely Sun rising at dawn,

The Lord whom all Celestials adore,

My Father;

I see not and rave;

A mad man, they think, I am.



2985: He Entered in Me


He entered in me,

He our Holy Lord,

He entered in me,

He the Lord of Jnana's Flower,

He entered in the hearts of His devotees,

Him I adore, who entered in me.



2986: He is Seen in the Mind-Mirror


He appears not in the glasses of the fleshly eye;

He is in the Lotus of the Heart;

He appears in the glass of Vedic Jnana;

He is in the mind-glass of the righteous that think of Him,

Him I saw in the glass of songs

Listening to that Divine Music,

I enraptured stand.



2987: Chant "Aum" Incessantly


Chant, the Lord's name, a thousand times,

A thousand blessings shall yours be;

They who chant the lovely "Aum" a thousand times,

Are rid of a thousand thousand passions, away.



2988: Ajapa


I praise, I laud

Jnana that is our Refuge;

I adore Holy Feet of Lord,

Constant in my thought;

I expound Siva Yoga;

Hearken you!

I chant the One Letter (Aum),

Dear to our Lord.



2989: Practise Yoga


In ways diverse, do seek Nandi;

Penetrating the Lotus within and going beyond,

You shall reach the Celestial world,

Having drunk of the nectar there, you shall return;

Sweet, sweet exceeding indeed, it is.



2990: Devotees More Rewarded Than Celestials


He came and stood before His devotees,

He the Rare Truth;

Even if the Celestials and their King Indra ask

What will they get, but the music of lovely damsels?

But that which devotees get is beyond all their heaven.



2991: Still Your Thoughts and Be Purified


Unto muddied water these men's minds are,

Unclear in vision,

They see not and say, "This is Lord;"

From the heart's lake within,

Draw a pitcherful,

And keep it in stillness apart;

When you thus purify it,

You shall become Siva.



2992: Yearn For Him


He of the Penance Pure;

Transparent as amla fruit

On palm of those who yearn for Him;

He the Pure One,

Whom Celestials seek in ways righteous;

Him, my Lord, I sought;

And thus ever remained.



2993: The Bounteous One


Thus remaining,

Limitless Jnana I attained;

No more wavering there is;

And as I reach the Holy One,

In the Land where Kundalini Fire burns,

The Bounteous One,

His choicest blessings gives.



2994: He Hides in the Heart


The Bounteous Lord,

The Monarch of Heavenly Kingdom

The Lord of matted locks,

That carried Ganga waters flowing,

The Primal One of Vedas,

Lest them devoid of faith see Him,

He hides in the heart within.



2995: Divine Knight-Errant That Severs Karmas


Unto me my God stretched His Flower-Feet in Grace

They, who adore Him daily in goodness, flourish;

He is the Divine Knight;

He severs my evil stars and Karmas,

Into His Sword of Jnana, my thoughts centered;

And no more cares I possess.



2996: Seek His Feet


Seek His Feet,

They are the Valhalla warriors reach;

Do reach His Feet,

They are the haven of blessed deeds;

Do attain His Feet,

They are the confluence of holy waters;

Thus it is,

For those who constant adore His Feet.



2997: Attain Jnana


In this world,

He pierced the overhanging Darkness of Ignorance;

Himself He has home none;

He is the Holy Preceptor of peerless grandeur;

I ate of the ripe fruit of His Jnana,

And I held on to the sweet Light within.



2998: Goal Ultima


That indeed is State Exalted,

That indeed is where Celestials have abode,

That indeed is where Ganga too flows,

Sacred it is;

It is the State that severs,

Roots of Karmic desires

That of yore come;

It is the Goal Ultima,

Devoutly to be sought for.



2999: How Lord is Seated


The Celestials stand above,

Below them are Tapasvins great;

Below them are humans, by sorrow harassed;

Thus is He seated;

And the bilva garland fresh from forest,

Festoons the fragrant matted locks,

He does for Jiva what is appropriate.



3000: He is in Five-Lettered Mantra


He quaffed poison from oceans arose,

He pervades worlds seven times two,

Birthless is He the Lord,

He is seated where the Lute, the Spring and Forest are,

He is the King that reigns

In Five-Lettered mantra, Eternal.



3001: He is Pervasive in All Elements


Unto Life is He,

Unto Earth is He,

Unto Wind, Sun, Fire and Moon is He,

Unto Water is He,

Unto recurring Dissolution and Creation is He,

He the Lord of Gods in cardinal directions eight,

He the Primal One.



3002: He Confers Blessings According to Degree of Jnana Attainment


In Fire and Sun He pervades,

In Wind He pervades,

In Moon He pervades,

Pervading all,

He gifts the Land True

To their Jnana according.



3003: He is the Object Mighty


Transcending all,

Yet immanent in each,

He stands;

For the world here below in Pasa bound

He is the Object Mighty;

Himself the Parapara Supreme,

For all worlds He gave;

That the Way His Greatness extends.



3004: His Cosmic Existence


His Crown is aloft pearl-like universes vast,

His Form engrosses seven worlds all,

His Feet descend deep unto nether world;

The ignorant know these not,

And delight not.