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SAI SADHANA - Books, Pothi, Parayana

SAI SADHANA - Books, Pothi, Parayana



(a) H.S.Dixit.

Baba: Kaka, these two are quite enough.

They were (1) "Adhyatma Ramayana: and (2) Ekanath Bhagavata."


Baba: Kaka, read this.

Soon after H.S.D. lost his daughter. Baba made him read in Adhyatma Ramayana, Sree Rama's consolation to Mandodari.


(b) Lakshman.

Baba: (to Lakshman): This (i.e., Tilak's Gita Rahasya) is good.

Baba gave him Rs.l/- with the book.


(c) Kusa Bhav.

Baba: (to Kusa Bhav): Come here to this mosque and be reading "Guru Charitra."


Baba to Kusa Bhav: Read Dasa Bodha.


Baba (to G.G. Narke): You are reading an excellent book (Yoga Vasishta). Get me Rs.15/- dakshina from that.

(That is, Baba wanted him to read certain passages from Yoga Vasishta relating to 15 items and meditate on them and apply them to his heart, thus making a present of them to Baba in his heart.)


(e) Upasani Maharaj.

Baba: (to Upasani Maharaj} This (Panchadasi) is our treasury (i.e.. it contains all that we want).


(/) M. Lele Sastri.

Baba (to Mukunda Lele Sastri): Go on for ten days repeating in this Dwaraka Mayi, Narayan Upanishad Taittariya Bhaga. (And that was done).


(g) B.V.Dev.

Baba (to B.V.Dev): Read Jnaneswari (a well-known Mahratti commentary on Bhagavad Gita).


(h) Ramavijaya.

Baba (in his last days): Go on reading Rama Vijaya here so that Mrityunjaya may be pleased thereby. (And that was done.)

(From Baba's Charters and Sayings # 183 – 190)