Tuesday, February 16, 2016





Baba said, "You should regard me as the whole and sole. I will also regard you in the same way" in Shri Sai Samarth Satcharita, Ch. 19, verse 73.



The rich couple (who were too much in love with each other) were aboard a steamer when it sank. Both got separated and arrived in two separate villages. The wife could not bear the separation from her husband and wept copiously everyday for him. The husband also kept looking for her. They did not know about each other's whereabouts.


One day, the husband gets a dream in which a voice tells him to go to North in search of tears if he wants to find his wife. So he goes. In one village, he overhears a group talking about a new woman who only weeps since she has arrived there. He goes to the hut and knocks. But when he calls out to her, she recognizes his voice and opens the door and is reunited.


"God is our eternal Husband. He keeps on knocking on the doors of our hearts and we do not get up and open the door to Him! We all live in separation. Tears of love and longing are the only shortcut to God. O, when will we weep such copious tears of separation from the Beloved?


That day will be a blessed day, indeed!