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Sai Experiences of Hari Pant who is childless

Sai Experiences of Hari Pant who is childless


There was a Brahmin of the Vasishta Gothra in Poona. His hair had whitened with age. He was rich, of the landed class. He was also of a kindly disposition. He was spiritually inclined and performed his puja regularly with all due ceremony. He was a worshipper of fire and used to daily worship it. His name was Hari Pant. His wife died suddenly. He was worried as to how he was going to do the fire worship without his wife. He did not have any children too.


His estate was vast. But he did not wish to marry again as he had crossed fifty years of age. "Please marry again. If you try and search for a good girl you will find one. By the dint of sincere effort one can find even God, say the Shastras," said the villagers to him. Hari Pant also was intrigued by the idea but did not make serious efforts to search for a bride for his second marriage. "To grow a crop without water, to have progeny without a wife - how are they possible," rued Hari Pant. He used to tell all who visited him, "If my prayers fructify and Baba blesses me, I will marry a girl with good qualities. Let the people laugh if they wish at me. I have crossed fifty years of age. I am not certain that I will get a child even if I marry at this age. Even them, I will definitely marry and get progeny if Baba once blesses me."


Once that Brahmin went to Shirdi and had the darshan of Sri Sai Baba. Baba said, "Oh Hari you are indeed a fortunate man. Marry soon. You will get a male child by the grace of that kind Almighty. Your wishes will come true. Do not doubt or hesitate. That Bholanath, the God with the trident as his weapon, that God with the moon as an ornament on his head, that Almighty is by your side protecting you." Everyone was happy at Baba's words. They said, "It is a good augury for Hari Pant that he got Baba's blessings." Hari Pant said, "If the astrologers too agree, I will marry immediately." He left for his village. The Astrologers too agreed that as per the planetary positions and his birth star the time was propitious for him to marry. He got married as Baba had instructed. By Baba's grace, even the long dead log of wood, fit only for the fire, will again bud and blossom forth. The millet has grown to knee length. If Baba's grace falls in the shape of sufficient rain and under the benign influence of a gentle wind, will the crop not give a good yield? Hari Pant, the orthodox Brahmin, gained full belief in Baba. He saluted the most powerful Baba with reverence and gratitude. Baba is a mountain of mercy. He is the full moon shining gloriously in the sky of pure knowledge. He is the wish fulfilling Chintamani, who grants whatever the devotee wishes for. By the regular remembrance of his holy feet, all dangers and troubles vanish. Do not forget Baba even in your dreams. You will obtain his grace fully. All wealth will be yours. That kind Baba will clasp us all to his heart with an embrace of pure love.


Who diligently reads this history of Sri Sai Baba with love, daily will be protected by the Almighty lord. This is the truth. The next chapter is very serious, grave and critical. It teaches the essence of the three types of purushartha. You will obtain all the Purushartha's by the serious reading and following of the guidelines set in that chapter. Please listen to the childlike speech of Das Ganu and kneel in reverence in front of Sri Sai Baba. All your desires will be fulfilled by that great mahatma. Das Ganu is singing this song from 'Bhakta leelamrit' giving you the details of Baba's history without seeking any personal gain. This history is holy. The sins of those who study it are destroyed. The Almighty God will always be by their side to protect and cherish them.


The history of Sri Sai Baba contained in "Bhakta Leelamrit" is very holy. It is the divine ambrosia. The servant of Sri Sai Baba, Das Ganu humbly requests you all to partake of the ambrosia to your hearts' content.


This is the end of the chapter 31 of 'Bhakta Leelamrit' written by Das Ganu Maharaj.