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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA NINE - Verses 2936 to 2953 of 3047


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA NINE - Verses 2936 to 2953 of 3047





2936: Through Samadhi Being Within is Reached


They stood, they sat, they lay

-Thus their state can be described not;

Their thought is in Samadhi's Silentness;

There is a Being Hidden;

They who reach it (Samadhi),

Have reached Him indeed.



2937: Guru Alone Can Show the Way


He is beyond the Signs and Mudras

He is the Cause;

What avails describing Him in Books?

All those are unto excrescence growth on Sheep's neck;

-Unless the Guru himself leads you to Him.



2938: Know the Finite Truth


They that the Truth know, see worlds all,

They that the Truth know, have sorrows none,

When they that the Truth thus saw

They indeed have seen the Truth Finite.



2939: Siva and Sakti are in Samadhi Union


Even in my forgetfulness He stands,

He is Lord of Maya-Land,

He is of Compassion vast,

He ended my birth,

He is of qualities great;

Himself and His Holy Sakti

Sleep in sleepless union.



2940: Lord is Beyond Turiyatita


He is the Light Transcendental*

That shines beyond Turiyas Three,

In the Turiyatita that transcends them,

Beyond waking, dreaming sushupti states;

In that state, defying thought and speech.



2941: Attributes of Siva


Formless is He,

Bodyless is He,

Blemishless is He,

Richless is He,

Harmless is He,

Celestial of celestials is He,

Contentionless is He,

Bhoota-army possessed is He,

Attachmentless is He,

He entered my thoughts.



2942: Bliss of Devotees is Beyond Description


None have seen Him and known Him,

He, the Nandi, within the body is;

All, in directions eight,

Praise Him as Lord;

The unending bliss of His devotees many;

Surpasses universes vast

-How much they joyed Him, little do we know!



2943: Felicity of Union of Jiva and Siva


Tat-Para His is not,

Sadasiva He is not,

Formless is He,

Formed is He not,

Wondrous indeed unto felicity of sex-union enjoyed

Imagination baffling,

He in me in union stood.



2944: Divine Felicity Beyond Words


Thou fools who see with fleshly eyes

Know! To see with inner eye is bliss true;

How can mother tell the daughter

Of the felicity in the union with her husband?

In what terms will she that describe?



2945: Transcendental Union Beyond Word and Speech


As salt in water, in Lord I mixed,

Transcending Param and Paraparam states,

Beyond word and speech I in union merged;

"How was It?"-you ask

"It was It"-I say.



2946: Deceptive Ways of World


Lovely to look at is the fruit of nux-vomica,

Only those who eat know its taste (bitter)

When virgin matures and full woman becomes,

Only then will husband know her qualtities diverse.



2947: Jiva Light Merges in Siva Light


Nandi He was, in Street-Center (of Sahasrara),

Samadhi and other ways of union, of themselves went

Into the Light, within navel center rises,

By my Jnana, I merged.



2948: Merging into Void


Undistracted, I sit aloof and meditate,

Doubt-free, I follow the ancient Vedas,

I cross the awesome waste, this life is,

And beyond into the Void, that defies imagination,

I merge.



2949: The Celestials Seek Him Not


His Holy Feet bedecked in unfading blooms

The Celestials seek not;

To the Holy Way they take not;

To the radiance of the lovely lotus within,

They penetrate not,

They seek not to drink of the Divine Ambrosia.



2950: Lord's Gushing Love


When for purposeful union the lovers sit and talk

Of a sudden gushes their passion;

When the Lord of fragrant Konrai flower beholds

Those who determined sit to meet Him,

He His Grace unhesitating grants.          



2951: Nature of Union in God


Myself perishing, my wealth perishing,

Body perishing and life perishing,

Heaven perishing and mind perishing,

My ego perishing

-This I knew not (is union in God).



2952: Merging into Finite Reality


Darkness and Space I transcended,

As substance into Substance I merged,

To the Feet of Lord in Grace abounding,

Firm as rock immovable

My thoughts entire went.



2953: Transcendental Awareness


Meditating in oneness, I visionedParaparam,

Meditating in oneness, I realized Siva-State

Meditating in oneness, I experienced Awareness Transcendental

Meditating in oneness, I witnessed aeons upon aeons.