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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA NINE - Verses 2954 to 2981 of 3047


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA NINE - Verses 2954 to 2981 of 3047





2954: State of Oneness in God


When you have, yourself, limitless become,

Who, in limit, are you to see?

When you have, yourself, He become,

Who are you to think of?

The Eyes that vanquished the God of Love,

Whom are they in longing to look for?

-Tell me, yourself, the real Truth.



2955: Thoughts Stand Still in the Beyond


You dumb ones!

They seek to speak,

Of the One beyond speech!

Can you ever reach the shores

Of the Shoreless Vast?

For them whose thoughts stand still,

Unto the waveless waters,

Unreserved He appears;

He of the matted locks.



2956: Maya Creates No Illusions There


Maya is but mind's work,

It creates the illusions;

When the mind's illusion disappears,

Nothing there left to worry about;

Death will not there be;

Chatter no more;

To seek the Self is Truth Divine.





2957: The Realized Souls Have No Possessions


Mala none; impurity none; pride and prejudice none;

Family none, excellences none; affluence none;

For them who in wisdom

Plant themselves in Nandi

-Firm in His love.



2958: They Become God


Ended the birth; sundered the bonds;

God and I one became;

No more for me the way of rebirth;

I have met Siva the Auspicious.



2959: They Want Nothing


Cane of sugar, rice of fineness, garments of richness

And water of green glades too,

Our Land possesses;

By the Grace of lovely Lady,

That is peacock shaped,

Nothing we want, nothing, indeed.



2960: They are Inseparable in God


None can intimidate me hereafter,

The Lord came and entered my thoughts,

There will I sport and wander in joy;

No more will I with anyone else be.



2961: How They Hastened to the City of God


I freed myself of fetters

The Creator bound me with,

I learned the way of reaching Siva;

I smote Karmas with the sharp sword of mind,

I stood ego lost;

And now I hasten toward the City of God.



2962: Sweetness of Namasivaya Fruit


One the God for worlds all,

One is He, the life of worlds all,

Lovely indeed is Namasivaya Fruit,

Sweet it is to them

Who of it tasted.



2963: Doubt-Free State of the God Realized


The Lord who wears moon and serpent on His matted hair,

He, the jewelled lamp

That accepted me in His service,

The Being Rare,

Neither beginning nor end has,

He entered my thoughts and made me doubt-free.



2964: Their Thought-Free State


Brahma and Vishnu, of yore,

Our Lord created;

And There He remains ever,

None know why;

If renouncing all,

Jiva There appears,

And empties its thoughts,

No more birth in carnal body will be.



2965: Siva-Sakti-Jiva Union


Unless the Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother love me,

How shall the worldly father and worldly motherknoweth me?

The Father, Mother and I were together seated;

My Father and Mother, I adoring.



2966: Prowess of Redeemed State


The seas vast,

The mountain peaks high,

The denizens of the universe,

And those who hold their sway there,

The Primal Sakti,

And the people in directions eight

-All, all, came within my grasp;

Redeemed am I, high above all.



2967: He is the Totality


Himself as space and Celestials stands,

Himself as body, life and matter stands,

Himself as sea, hill and dale stands,

Himself-all worlds' Lord Supreme.



2968: Their Thought Power


If God of Death comes,

I shall smite him with Sword of Jnana,

If Siva comes,

I am sure to go with Him;

Long back had I sundered Karma,

To birth leads;

Who can stand against Thought,

Of intense devotion born?



2969: They are in Nada and Bindu


Their thoughts are Siva-filled;

They have destroyed Malas three

Suddha Siva they have become;

To Mala's bondage they return not;

Shouts, confusion and fights (of this world),

They indulge not in;

Immersed are they in Nada and Para Bindu.



2970: Long They Live


They who cognize

Neither remembering nor forgetting,

In their thoughts,

The Pure One, who uproots Karmas,


Seeking the Pure One,

Who uproots Karmas

They who think of Him, long long live.



2971: Siva Appears as a Tapasvin


"O! Siva, my Great Lord"-thus I hailed Him;

And as a tapasvin the Holy Lord was before me;

He the Desired Lord, who accepted me in His service

Him I stood adoring, the Lord Eternal.



2972: Meek and Intense Prayer Leads to Siva


Him I adored, the Param, the Primal Lord,

Determined I stood, nothing else I seek;

In my body I held Him in union, the First One;

Meek in prayer I stood and I saw my Siva's Being.



2973: In the Presence of Siva


The Lord filled my thoughts,

His Feet I beseeched;

As I thus entered His Presence,

He ended my birth's whirl;

-He the Lord that has Thoughts none;

My Fate He fragmented,

My bonds He sundered.



2974: He Resolved My Contradictions


My contradictions He resolved;

Disease, age and life's reckoning He ended;

Thus He accepted me in His service,

He my Nandi;

My contradictions resolved,

My life's sorrows, I laid low;

And Siva, of Himself appeared.



2975: How Siva Entered in Me


Siva with His Celestial retinue entered in me;

He severed my bonds to births give rises;

He is my Father,

He the Primal Lord that in His service accepted me;

Into Grace my heart entered;

And there, imprisoned, remained.



2976: Bodily Pleasures Ceased to Interest


In this body of pleasures

Unto sugarcane and honey mixed,

Sprouted the Fragrance of Siva Bliss;

In eagerness my heart sought it

And I visioned the Void;

Then did the cane taste bitter

And honey sour.



2977: All My Doings Became Siva's


Having pursued the ways of Chariya and the rest,

And having received the Bounteous Being's Grace,

I stand praising Him ever;

All that I do,

I see as of Siva's doings;

With no more Karma left,

I crossed the sea of births.



2978: Egoity Died and Siva Appeared


Into the thousand petalled lotus (in Sahasrathala),

The Kundalini fire shot up fierce;

And as with the fat of my heart's love, I made it blaze,

She the Sakti appeared,

She the Jewel of worlds all;

The one, he died, my Egoity

And the One, He appeared, my Siva.



2979: Siva-Sakti in the Cranium Sphere


The Six streams (of Adharas)

Into one lake flow;

Thus in Way subtle

Into Siva-State penetrate;

There indeed is the Precious Truth,

Himself with Sakti stands,

-She of bouncing breasts and tender vine form.



2980: Intense Devotion


My heart melting, I moan and rave,

My bones melting, I adore day and night,

My gold, my Guru, my Lord, my God,

Him I eat, bite and chew.



2981: Mind Blossomed into Mukti


The mind blossomed and converged in tapas great;

The mind blossomed and converged in yoga breath;

The mind blossomed and converged for the Jiva;

When the mind blosso- beyond words to describe,

Then is Mukti Finale.