Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I am with you wherever you may be

I am with you wherever you may be


 I am with you wherever you may be.

I do not require conveyance to take me.


Sai Baba  (May 1914) addressing Mrs. Tarkhad, a Bandra lady and her son Master Tarkhad. : Mother, I have to go thrice a day to your house.


Mrs. Tarkhad: Yes, Baba


A local lady was astonished at this statement as she saw Baba daily at Shirdi, and said "Baba What is this strange thing you say?"


Sai Baba: I do not speak falsehood. I am Mahalaxmi. Mother I come to your house. You give me things to eat, is that not true?


Mrs Tarkhad : Yes, Baba


Shirdi Lady: Truly, does Baba go to you and do you feed him?


Mrs. Tarkhad : Yes.


Baba, to Master Tarkhad.: Do I not come to your house?


Master Tarkhad.: Yes, Baba.


Sai Baba to Shirdi Lady: Yes, mother, I go easily to Bhav's house (i.e., Bhav's house at Bandra). In the middle, there is a wall. Jumping over it, next comes the railway line, and then Bhav's house. (Here Baba described the crow's flight from Shirdi to the lady's house at Bandra).


I have to fly across walls and excavations.


(Baba's Charters and Sayings # 75, 76)