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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2610 to 2632 of 2648


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2610 to 2632 of 2648





2610: How They Deal With Karma


If Karma from past

Overtakes them,

They exterminate them,

Patiently experiencing them;

But they see,

Future Karma is created not;

They realize the Self,

They are Jnanis,

That have Tattvas cognised;

They train senses five,

In ways goodly.



2611: Tattva Jnanis Crush Karma


The Tattva Jnanis realize the Self;

The Gordian knot of Karma Past

They cut asunder;

Future Karmas they seize and crush,

By Grace of Siva,

Whom they hold,

High on their heads.



2612: No Karma, if Thought and Word are Consistent


Through thought, word and deed

Karmas accumulate;

If thought and word consistent stand

Karma bides not;

Thought and word conquering,

They experience Karmas,

And alter their course,

They the great Jnanis are.





2613: Conquer Desires


No use prattling of

Breath and Sushumna;

Sunder your desires and passions;

Having sundered,

The Lord's place, easy be.



2614: Lord is in the Desire-Abnegated


In stony houses and stately halls, He is not;

In parlors deep and temples massive, He is not;

In holy garbs He is not;

In the thoughts of those,

Who have desires abnegated, is He,

Fleshly body, though therein be;

He, their liberation granted.



2615: Sunder Desires


Sunder your desires, sunder your desires

Sunder your desires even unto Lord;

The more the desires, the more your sorrows;

The more you give up, the more your bliss shall be.



2616: Jnana Way


The five senses burn you up;

They lead you to destruction's way;

Give up desires and scatter them away;

Reach to the Truth of Jnana;

That the Way to reach Lord.



2617: Perish not in the Flood of Pleasure and Pain


Unto the ocean that foams and rages

At full-moon tide,

Many, many, floods rose and passed away

Through passage of Time;

Caught in floods of pleasure and pain,

Celestials numberless perished;

Caught in the floods of desires

The humans countless sank;

God alone forever stood

In the Ocean of Bliss Eternal.



2618: Jnani's Purified Way


Emancipated from Karmas of past,

Rid of disease of Pasa,

Prolonged activity suspended;

They, the Suddha State reach;

Then transcending the five acts of God

(Of creation, preservation, dissolution, obfuscation and Grace-granting)

His direct Grace, they receive

There they forever immersed are

These, Jnanis, purified ways are.



2619: Jnanis Remain Immortal in God-Love


Realizing Truth in full,

Luminous Siddhi and Mukti they attained;

Sex desire entire devoid,

They achieved mighty Siddhis eight;

As Siva Jnani leaves behind this body,

Divine Grace descends on him;

And then in God-Love, forever, he remains.



2620: Realize the Truth that Jiva is Siva


That this Jiva to become Siva

They in love sought not;

That this Jiva is Siva

That truth they know not;

Knowing not this Jiva is Siva,

They diverse births take,

And into worlds several wander

When Truth they realize not.



2621: Jnanis are not for Becoming Performing Gods


The Five Gods consign Jiva to broiling miseries,

And then cooling him,

Again consign him to fresh birth;

Thus in the whirl of creation endless they them ordain;

The status of these Five Gods

The Jnanis seek not;

But within the fleshly body itself

Through the mystic thread of Sushumna

They enter into union,

One wih the Lord.



2622: Seek Nandi Within


You say, redeemed you are;

But you have not seen the Way appropriate;

Nandi merges in fragrant flower within;

Hold Him in your thoughts in vision clear,

Then have you sown the seed

Of birthlessness-to-be.





2623: He is Lord of All


He confers Mukti;

He is Jnana and Mantra;

He is the Father;

He is the Lord of Celestials immortal;

He is the Pure One;

He is the Light that is the Holy Way;

He is the Pasu-Pati (Lord of Jivas)

Whom the devotees in ardour adore.



2624: Be a Devotee of Devotees


To devotees of devotees of Lord

In succession continuous,

I a devotee became;

Giving myself thus,

Into their vassalage I entered;

With the Grace of devotees

I reached His Feet;

Then saying, "He my devotee is"

He accepted me in His vassalage (of Grace).



2625: Lord is Righteous and Bounteous


Cooler than water is He;

Hotter than fire is He;

Who this Ocean of Nandi is-

Who knows?

By far righteous is He;

Than all bounteous beings in world;

Within the heart He stood,

As Umapati (Sakti's Lord) He stood.



2626: Where is That Peerless Pearl?


Well may denizens of seven worlds, all,

Entire try,

They cannot know Him;

Who can say where Lord is?

Unless He of Himself appears

In devotion of His devotees,

Who dares say,

Where that peerless Pearl is!



2627: Year for Lord


As the calf that searches,

And calls for mother-cow,

I, in yearning, sought and cried for my Lord;

He is Hidden Truth of Vedas

Who beyond heavens eternal stood;

In endearness tender,

He entered into me,

In this body fleshly.



2628: Birth and Release are God's Giving


The Jivas in born-condition

Have tasks none to perform,

As of itself their birth comes;

The Jivas in Mukti State too

(By the very condition of that state)

Have nothing to perform;

Lord by His Grace grants states both;

What then is there for devotees to do

(But to hold Lord in their thoughts?)



2629: Reach God the Kundalini Yoga Way


With Prana breath for Seed-Energy,

And the serpent (Kundalini) for body,

To the resounding music of Nada,

Upward I climb to the cool mountain within;

And with fragrant flower there blooms,

I adore Nandi;

None else the God to adore,

My mind I let.



2630: God Grants Protection


Nandi is my Protector in need;

He is Lord of Celestials;

Seek His protection;

And ending birth cycle, be redeemed;

Think constant of Siva's Feet,

He, Divine protection grants,

He, who as Fire stood.



2631: He Protects Good Against Evil


The Dhanavas (of Dark World)

Held the Vanavas (of Luminous World)

In fief;

He the Lord destroyed,

The Three Forts of the Evil Ones;

Him the devotees worshipped,

As Lord of Forests;

And of Mountains Black;

Thus adoring Him in fleshly body,

They in Him united.



2632: Seek Him Within and Without


This birth is a lasting curse to me;

And so, I seek Him in drooping heart

In Mountain and Sky

Within and without;

And in Fire within too;

Thus in holy thought immersed,

I stood.