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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2566 to 2586 of 2648


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2566 to 2586 of 2648





2587: Absolute Union


Even as shadow disappears with body,

Even as bubble returns into water,

Even as flame of camphor leaves traces none,

So is it when Jiva into Param unites.



2588: Total Merging


When body and Jiva

As unbroken unite (in Yoga)

Then shall Grace of Siva Sakti be;

Then does Jiva, Param become;

Jiva that leaves this body,

Pervasive then becomes;

With beginning and end none

In Siva forever it merges.



2589: Tattva Involutes Into Maya


The Tattvas that confuse sense organs five,

And cognitive organs internal

Expanding unintermittent

Finally (in Maya) merge;

This the fate of universe,

Inevitable it is.



2590: When Jiva Becomes Para


Jiva becomes Para;

That Para pervasive stands;

Immanent too in all creation it is;

A mighty Power it is,

That can dissolve and create universes vast;

This was the boon granted to me;

And thus is my state exalted.



2591: When Para Becomes Parasiva


Attaining Divine Knowledge-Form of Turiya State;

And omniscient experience of phenomenal universe

If Para can reach Para-Siva,

Then He belongs to Void,

That is Light.



2592: Three Voids


He absorbed me in totality

As hot iron absorbs water;

Transcending Param-Para State;

He stands engulfing the Three Voids Luminous

There He is, Nandi

That in my heart resides.



2593: Beyond Siva Turiya


As unto the wood-apple

By "elephant" disease consumed,

So are Jiva and Para before Siva;

In the rare state beyond Siva Turiya

Is Supreme Siva

That engrosses worlds all.



2594: No More Knower and Known in Parapara


Paraparan is the end and beginning,

He is Parapara for each and every one;

He absorbed Para and us Jivas;

And at end of Jnana-Jneya relationship

As Jnathru, He, Nandi was;

This, indeed, is our comprehension-beyond.





2595: When Jiva Becomes Radiant


By holy instructions are impurities rid;

Jiva shines unto gold in fire purified;

Having been of impurities rid,

If Jiva constant thinks of Siva,

Then he becomes a Radiant Flame,

That has passions burnt away.



2596: Knowledge That Knows All


What avails you

If you know all,

But not the Knowledge that knows all?

When you can say,

"I am the Knowledge that knows all"

Then can you well say,

"I am God."



2597: I Met the "Thief"


Tapas I performed

In the montane valley within my head;

Lo! I beheld Lord with his consort Sakti,

I crossed the river of birth in this fleshly body;

And met the "Thief" hiding in Kailas.



2598: Melt in Love of God


He will be Lord of worlds all,

He will be Tattvas for worlds all,

The heavens will rain because of him,

Whose flesh melts in love of God;

-Thus say the Vedas.



2599: How to Receive Grace


How is it they received Lord's Grace? you ask;

(Well it is thus:)

In the battle of life,

Their bewildered thought wandered;

They trained its course;

And freed of darkness,

They sought Lord,

And adored His Holy Feet.



2600: The Truthful Are Beloved of God


Into them that are Truthful

He in Truth merged;

Before them that are untruthful

He never His appearance makes;

At time's End He stands as Lord,

To work redemption of souls all;

True ones sport in True Joy.



2601: Lord Abides in Hearts of the Truthful


He united in those

Who in Truth united,

He the Pure One

Who entered not false hearts;

When Prana upward ascends in Sushumna,

And you meet the Lord,

Then shall verily,

He in your thoughts abide.



2602: When Lord Reveals to the Truthful


When thus He in your thoughts abides,

Meditate on Him day and night;

Then will He in cranium above appear;

And if you give up falsehood and fleshly desires,

The Lord in truth reveals to you.



2603: How to Mount Steed of Truth


Whether you reach Yogic climax or not

Is God's Grace;

That is the Way of Redemption,

Goodly Nandi taught;

If the deceptive senses nine* you subdue,

Well may you mount the steed of Truth.



2604: Lord is the Refuge only of the Truthful


He who entered my Sushumna Nadi,

He who is in my thoughts ever-Nandi

He who is in my body,

He the source of Vedas all

He the Holy One,

That reveals not to men untrue;

He who is the Refuge,

Of only those who their falsehood shed.



2605: Give Up Deceptive Bodily Thoughts


Nandi imprinted

His Holy Feet on my heart;

None have drawn the bolt of His door

And glimpsed Him in;

Give up unreserved,

Thoughts of this deceptive body;

Sorrow's receptacle it is;

Then unbolt the Sushumna door

Rich, indeed, shall your reward be.



2606: Lord Abides in the Heart of the Faithful


Seeking the Way of Redemption

Adore Lord with feeling intense;

Sure, sure, Hara's Grace yours shall be;

In the heart of those who untruth utter not

He shines;

In their midst He abiding stood.



2607: Lord is a Delicious Fruit Within


There is a Fruit Delicious,

From fragrant flower within it ripens;

The birds within the Self

Hinder you from reaching it;

Shoot your arrow,

And drive them away;

Then can you reach Siva State

Lustrous as Pure Red Gold.



2608: Follow Lord and Be Redeemed


Control the senses that tempt,

Sunder the Pasas that corrupt,

Follow Lord,

Who your confusion ends;

If you do so,

Unhesitating my Siva says,

"Be you redeemed;"

And makes your thoughts

Center on Him.



2609: Constant Think of Him and Receive Grace


They who constant think of Him

Will reach into a body,

Glorious and strong;

There, if they adore Lord

In ways appropriate,

They reach the World of Jnana,

Receiving Grace of the Holy One.