Wednesday, February 3, 2016





Baba said, "Go home, your children are waiting for you." – in Baba's Charters and Sayings, #535.



Solon was one of the great thinkers of ancient Greece. He is remembered even today as a great lawgiver.


One day, Solon went out among citizens, holding a rotten apple in his hand.


To the people who gathered around him, he raised the question, "Can anyone tell me what I can do to regenerate this apple – to make it new?"


The people shook their heads in negation. What could one do with a rotten apple? As for making it new – whoever had heard of such a thing? It had to be thrown away – and that was that.


Receiving no answers to his query, Solon cut the apple into four pieces.


Taking the seeds of the apple, he said to them, "The way to make this apple new, to create new apples out of this rotten apple is to sow these seeds. Out of these seeds will bloom forth new apples."


The people marveled at the lawgiver's vision and wisdom. How could they have forgotten that even the rotten apple contained within itself the source of new life – its seeds?


Likewise, when humanity becomes rotten, remember that the seeds of humanity are its children! Invest in them! Take care of them! For they can regenerate humanity!!