Monday, November 4, 2013




Dharam Vir was a holy man who spent his life in devotion to the Lord and in the service of the poor. As he approached the end of his earthly days, he was blessed with a vision of the life here after – a vision of heaven and hell.


He saw spenders of the heaven world – the calm, the peace and tranquility, and above all, the great joy of dwelling at the lotus feet of the Lord.


But he was shocked and pained the vision of hell. He was deeply saddened by the plight of the lost souls, who were paying the price for the past sins.


"O Lord, save these poor sould," he prayed fervently. "If I have done any good karma in this life, may it all be used to rescue these souls in despair, and grant them the gift of the heaven world."


Shortly afterwards, deqath came to the holy man. To his surprise, an angel had come to escort him to the heaven world.


"But … but … I have given away the benefit of all my good karma to rescue those poor souls in distress! How can I then deserve the heaven world?" he demanded of the angel.


Oh pious one, the souls you have rescued from hell bless you for the grace you have bestowed on them," replied one angel. "Having attained heaven, they refuse to leave you behind! They pleaded with the Lord to have you among them."


Truly, compassion is the surest and safest way to heaven!