Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Physics - Your doubts are already answered here!

Physics - Your doubts are already answered here! - was the result of a teachers personal worry that students are not interactive in class. Though the students have a plenty of doubts with them, they rarely ask them in class or discuss them personally with the teacher. He went on to research by conducting surveys, discussions with the fellow teachers and school authorities.


The Findings


Students do not openly ask their doubts in class because of the fear of ridicule. They have many doubts, but they suppress them and never ask. They try to mug up the content without understanding fully by questioning and clearing their doubt with teachers or experts. This leads to inadequate understanding and results in poor performance.


Though the students do not ask in public or in class, they are very much active i social networking sites and they ask and discuss anything under the sky or beyond it without any shyness. This observation was a turning point.


The domain was registered and a simple contact form was uploaded for the students to post their queries, doubts and questions. The matter was informed to the students and the response was wonderful. They started asking questions through the contact form.


The teacher tried to find the answers by refering books and discussing with colleagues and the question along with the answer at the website.


Now, the website contains hundreds of answered questions and there are more than 1000 visits to the site per day. More than 20 questions are posted by students everyday and the type of questions not previously posted at site are answered.


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