Monday, November 4, 2013

Save me, else I shall be drowned

Save me, else I shall be drowned

By the seashore stood Jesus, gazing at the breathtaking beauty of the rising sun. It was so quiet as he stood there underneath a tree. A cool, refreshing breeze blew from the sea, as the tree tops gently swayed in the wind. A few clouds rested on the far off blue mountain.

And there came to him a disciple with a question in his eyes. Looking at him, Jesus said, “What disturbs thee, child?” The disciple said, “Master! How is it that Thou canst walk upon the surface of the sea as easily as Thou dost walk upon the earth? But when we enter into the waters, we flounder and began to sink!”

Jesus said, “He who hath faith in his heart and in whose eyes in the light of certainty, he well may walk upon the waters with the ease of a fisherman’s boat!”

The disciple said, “Master! Ever since I saw Thee first, I have not lacked in faith. I believe as Thou dost believe. And my faith makes me feel certain.”

Jesus said, “Then come with me and together we shall tread waters!”

The disciple followed. And both the Master and the disciple walked upon the waters. Suddenly a big wave arose. Jesus rode the wave but the disciple began to sink and frantically cried for help.

And Jesus called out, “My child! What has happened to you?”

There was terror in the disciple’s voice as he answered, “Master! When I saw huge waves coming towards me as though they would swallow me up, fear arose within my heart and I began to sink. Save me, beloved Master! Else I shall be drowned.”

And Jesus said, “When fear enters your heart, you cease to believe! You lose your faith, and certainly doth vanish as mist before the rising sun. Alas my child, you feared the waves; you did not fear the Lord of the Waves!”