Sunday, July 7, 2013

B.Com Graduates - Good News

B.Com graduates with less than 2 years of experience have lucrative international job options available; reveals a study conducted by The study highlighted that B.Com graduates with less than 2 years of experience are most in-demand with 58% share of jobs postings for international positions.

The data also revealed that the American continent alone has 43% share in international jobs for B.Com graduates, followed by Asia 19%. Countries such as USA, Middle East and North Africa have maximum number of job postings for B.Com graduates. And, together they have a 3/4th share of jobs amongst top 10 locations for B.Com graduates.

Sunil Goel, Director of Global Hunt, a recruitment service company attribute this trend to the fact that B.Com graduates have an advantage of knowing finance, accounting, supply chain and logistics. So, they can actually do a range of jobs which includes general data entry, analytics and number crunching.

According to Radhakrishnan Nair, Head-Human Resource, Federal Bank, a subject like B.Com in the newer colleges in Indian Universities is taught to prepare the students for becoming successful entrepreneurs. This makes them confident in taking on assignments that may need to learn skills that will challenge them.

What gives Indian B.Com graduates an edge over their international counterparts? "Most of Indian B.Com graduates are tech savvy and can easily combine their technical capabilities with the subject that they have to deal with," replies Nair. Also, Indian students have a natural flair of being able to understand the culture of the country for which they are working, he added.

Commenting on the rising demand of B.Com graduates in Middle East, North Africa and US markets, Goel explains that in North Africa, there is a demand for commerce graduates in the commodities business. They need people who can handle warehousing, accounting and can take care of a large pool of consumer accounts.
"In the US market, commerce graduates are required to handle general ledger entry, bid preparation, invoicing and ARP process, which a qualified professional or a chartered accountant will not like to take up," he adds.

"B.Com Graduates can easily fit into front office roles in Banks and NBFCs. With adequate training they may do well in Credit and Treasury. Having said this, it must also be stated, that there is an assumption in the quantitative/analytical capabilities of students pursuing B.Com," says Nair.

The data also revealed that the top 5 industries which are hiring B.Com graduates, internationally, are BFSI, Construction/Cement/Steel, Educational/Training, IT/Telecom and Recruitment/Placement Agencies.

While there are many opportunities available for graduates back-home, the international job market also looks promising for those who are eyeing greener pastures and some much needed global exposure.
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