Thursday, May 16, 2013

You Get What You Give

One day, little Prabhu was taking a walk with his father in the rugged roads of the mountain near their house. Suddenly, he slipped and hurt himself; Prabhu screamed, "AAAhhhh!" 

Immediately he heard a voice from the mountains saying "AAAhhhh!" Prabhu forgot his hurt and shouted, "Who are you?" Once gain he heard that voice saying "Who are you?" Prabhu was amused and he shouted, saying, "I like you!" The voice immediately answered back, saying "I like you!"

Finding the voice repeating everything that he said, Prabhu got annoyed and said, "You're a coward! Come in front!" Once again like every other time that voice from the mountains repeated exactly what Prabhu had shouted its way.

Prabhu got flabbergasted. He looked at his father and asked, "Father, what is going on? Who is this?"

His father smiled and said, "Son, this is called echo." And then he said, "Now listen to this." Prabhu's father then shouted towards the mountains saying, "Hey you are a champion!" The voice answered back, "Hey you are a champion!" Prabhu got puzzled.

Prabhu's father then looked at him and said, "Son, although people call it echo, it is, in reality, Life. It gives you back everything that you give to it. Our life reflects our actions. If you give out love, then life rewards you back with it. If you want happiness from the world, spread happiness first and then you get your return."

Prabhu kept listening to his father as he continued, "Life is not a coincidence, son. It is your reflection – the reflection of your deeds, acts and beliefs."