Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Life Cycle of Gulf Indian

Dear Father & mother : Today I am completed 5 years in the Gulf. I decided to come home next month. Within this 5 years, I have zero balance apart from clear out my visa expenses and availed one vacation before. Upon this vacation, I don't like to return Gulf. I have sound health to do any manual job at home country. Let me know your suggestion, Yours loving Jamal.

Dear Jamal, father writing : Received your letter and very happy to know about your vacation. Rest will continue your mother. 

Dear son, Do you know about the condition of our house? Rainy season, Nobody can to stay inside the house. Repair and maintenance are very expensive with this old wooden items, All are suggesting to prefer a concrete house. Without home, do you know, there is no alternative. If you decided to stop Gulf, can you do this with your limited income?. I am just reminding this, you can decide what you like. Yours loving mother. 

Dear Mother, now I am completed 10 years at this desert. I like to come home next month. Within this period, we rebuilt our house, and I completed all the related loans. Now I am planning to settle home and expecting to meet our day to day expenses by Taxi driving. I already fed up with this desert life. I want to live with my kids. Let me know your suggestions. Yours loving Jamal.

Dear Jamal, Received your letter which is very regrettable when I read. My son started to suffer for us at his childhood. But one more thing I reminding you. Your sister Zainaba is aged more than 20. Did you have any arrangement or plan to get her marry. I have only one ambition, that is to die after her marriage. Don't feel bad, I am not passing any burden to you, you can decide yourself. Yours loving Mother

Dear Mother and Zuhara (wife), Now I am completed 14 years at this January. I fed up with this Gulf life. I cannot continue more here. I decide to cancel my Visa. Within the last four years, we could arrange the marriage of Zainaba, which was done well with the help of Allah higher than our expectation, and paid out all expenses related to her marriage. Also settled my other loans too. Now I am deciding to settle at home and start any job like light driving or similar. I can not do any heavy work, because I have abnormal BP and Sugar. If I continue here, I am forced to pay all my salary for medical expenses, so it is better to continue any Unani treatment at home. Yours Jamal.

Dear Jamal, I shed much tears after reading your letter. Anyhow, my son, you don't go back to Gulf any more. But Zuhra (wife) wants to write something.

Dear my sweet, after our marriage, I am not requested anything from you, but now I am forced to ask something. After marriage of your brother Jalal, your mother is totally against me. Now your mother is depending his wife for everything. Also I heard, your mother is planning to give this house to your brother. If any dispute arises, where can we go with our kids If you are dicided to settle home, can you possible to make a house for our own. Do you know the price of steel and Cement and labour charges, which are not affordable. I am just expressing my anxious, you can decide yourself.
Yours loving Zuhara.

Dear Zuhara, now I am completed 19 years at my gulf life. Within this last four years, we built a new house with my effort which is higher than your expectation. Now I have no balance, except the retirement benefit from the company, i.e. my final settlement around SR 25000/- Only that is my net balance. Anyhow turning back, I have satisfaction; I could do something for others. From now, I cannot continue here. Last 19 years, I could not understand what a family life is. Now I am deciding to settle home and I want to live with you and children. This month last, I am retiring from my job, see you face to face, yours loving Jamal.

Dear my sweet loving: After reading your letter, I am very happy to know about your decision to discontinue the gulf life even you are late. But our son requested me to write one thing to you. He likes to join Engineering course. He got an admission Card from Amritha Auto Engineering College, Coimbatore. First year needs to pay 6 Lakhs (SR 40000/-) then each year 3 lakhs each. No need to pay cash down at one stroke, they agreed installment payment. Students learning there are all expatriates sons. First installment must be paid on or before this 30th. Expecting your reply soon, Yours loving Zuhra.

He spent a sum more for the education of his son and to get marry his daughter, then now he completed 27 years. Now he is on the way to the Airport with his ultimate balance of Blood Sugar, Blood pressure, back pain and ulcer. On the way incidentally, he noticed a letter in his pocket , which he received from home, not opened yet.

That is the first letter he did not read in his Gulf life.