Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Success Story Of John Paul DeJoria

From Zero To $4 Billion, The Success Story Of John Paul DeJoria

Not every person in this earth is born with a silver spoon. So when the spoon is missing, you have to earn it with your hard work, dedication and willpower. By looking at the rich and famous people, we cannot make out the immense hard work behind their road to success.

The success story of John Paul DeJoria, a renowned American serial entrepreneur, billionaire and philanthropist, will surely take you aback. He is the owner and co-founder of John Paul Mitchell systems, the US company famous for its hair-care products.

At a very young age of two, John saw his parents separating. At the age of 9, he and his siblings began selling newspapers and Christmas greeting cards to earn a living. At this age, John used to dream of a small job which would fetch him around $150 a week and a second hand car to drive in. He graduated at the age of 17 and went into the Navy. He got out of service in 1964 and tried out 10 jobs for the next few years.

The turning point in John’s life came in the year 1971 when he bagged a job with Redken Laboratories. At that time, it was the leading company for manufacturing salon products in US. In the next few years, he was hired and fired by numerous organizations. In 1980, he saw himself joining hands with Paul Mitchell, a famous hair designer at that time, to launch their own company. They soon rolled out single-application shampoo and a leave-in conditioner to improve blow-dry results.

With just $700, the company began operating. Since fund was less, they could not help but use only black and white ink on the product packaging. With just one answering machine and a post office box, they managed to start off their business. They requested a female friend who had a British accent to record the voice message for their answering machine which helped them convince the users that it was some serious business.

Today this company is a huge hit in the US for its hair products. Every salon use their products for superior quality. John Paul Mitchell Systems logs nearly $1 billion in annual sales. Not just the US, but they have even managed to establish roots in the international market too. More than 80 countries buy products of John Paul Mitchell Systems. Besides dealing in hair products, John has also successfully launched 17 other types of businesses. From nightclubs to bikes, he has got them all under his belt.

John Paul DeJoria is a bright example of sincerity, dedication, will power and perseverance. Our world is blessed to have such humane human beings who have touched the pinnacle of success by their sheer will power. He is a great idol for every youngster and wannabe entrepreneur.

Always remember that success will only come, when you are ready to give in everything. Hence, dream big and have faith in your abilities!