Friday, May 31, 2013

Baba's Letter to you

Dear Child,

      I see your loneliness and fears, your guilt and frustrations.  I see your endless search for love and fulfillment.  All this must be, in order for you to come to the end of your own understanding--then you can hear My voice.  Listen carefully amid the noise of the world and you will hear...

      I love you, I shed my blood for you to make you clean.  Give yourself completely to Me.  I created you to be just as you are, and you are lovely in My eyes.  Do not criticize yourself or become depressed for not being perfect in your own eyes.  In Me you have been made perfect.  I want you to trust Me one step, one day, one second at a time.  Dwell in My power and My love and be free, be yourself.  Don't allow other people to control you.  I will guide you, if you let Me, but be aware of My presence in everything.

      I give to you patience, love, joy, and peace.  Look to Me for answers for I am your Father and will lead you.  Follow Me only!  Do not ever forget this!  Listen and I will tell you My will.

      Let My love flow from you and spill over to all you touch.  Be not concerned with yourself - you are My responsibility.  I will change you without your ever knowing it.  You are to love yourself and others, simply because I love you.  Take your eyes off yourself, look only to Me, I lead, I change, I create, but only when you are not striving.  You are mine... Let Me have the joy of making you like Lord.

      Your only command is to look to Me, and Me only...  never to yourself and never to others.  Do not struggle, but relax in My love.  I know what is best and will do it in you.  Stop trying to become, and let Me make you what I want.

      My will is perfect; My love is sufficient.  I will supply all your needs...  only look to Me.

I Love You,

Your Father