Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sai the Savior

Sai the Savior


Sai is great, he is always there to help his devotees. I would like to narrate a incidence.


It was 25 December 2014, Christmas day, Thursday, Sai Baba day. After Saibaba aarti in Shiddheshwari Shakti Peeth Sai Darbar, my father Shri Mahesh Modi (Ex serviceman, Army ) as per pre schedule, was ready to go to Jabalpur to meet my sister.


When he reached Bhopal station, there he had to wait for almost two hours for the next train. When he entered train he felt severe pain in his chest. At that time he did not understand what was happening to him.


The pain increased and became unbearable. He managed the whole night in that condition only, thinking that it may be gas problem or something like wise. But it was severe heart attack.


Actually, he was associated with Scientific Spiritualism Association, Meerut so he tried Baman Kriya but it did not help. Then he opened his purse and took out the paper in which there was Sai sanjeeveni Udi, but paper was empty with only little bit of udi in it, he applied that only on him and started chanting Hanuman Chalisa. It helped him and he reached Jabalpur station in the morning. He again had unbearable cardiac pain. He told everything to my sister. Then my sister's husband rushed him to Jabalpur hospital. The doctor was surprised that how it was possible to survive the whole night with such acute pain. He said it was really unbelievable. But the thing is "Jako Rakhe Saiya Maar Sake Na Koi." Yes Sai was with my father on that night.


Baba is always with my family. Whenever we need, we feel him close to us. Another surprise was that my father was having 100% block & 40% block was cleared after angioplasty after three days in ICU & CCU. After six days my father was discharged on 31 December, last day of

the year.


By the blessings of Sainath he started new life from new year 2015 & now he is alright. My sincere thanks to Sai Baba for being with me & my family in our difficult times.


-Yogesh Rathore Vidisha


Source: Shri Sai Sumiran Times May 2015