Wednesday, May 13, 2015




Baba (in 1917) had with him Mrs. Tarkhad and her son Master Tarkhad


Baba: Boy, give me eight Rupees Dakshina.


Boy (Master Tarkhad): Baba, I have not got Rupees eight.


Baba: Go and get it from Bapu Sahib Jog.


(Master Tarkhad went to Jog and found him reading Dhruva Charitra and commenting on it. Jog said "Saints, though not God, have some powers derived from Him etc.," the boy angrily started back and came to Baba)


Master Tarkhad: Baba, why did you send me there?


Baba: What is the matter?


Master Tarkhad: They are vilifying you there, saying that you are merely a man and not God.


Baba: Then what is the untruth in that? Hello! What am I? A petty fakir! I am not God. How great is God! No one can compare with him.


Master Tarkhad: You deceive us by speaking thus. We fully believe you are God. If anyone belittles you, how can we endure it? Is it not true that we should not stay even a second where saints are derided?


Baba: Yes.


Master Tarkhad: God is not angry, if He is spoken ill of. But He will not endure it, if His devotees are spoken ill of. Is that not so.


Baba: Yes.


Master Tarkhad: Then what is the good of listening to a discussion whether such and such a saint is great, and such other is not so?


Baba: You should not stop even one second at a place where anybody talks ill of a saint.


Baba: (stroking the boy's head affectionately)" Read Pothi. Have Nama Japa.


Master Tarkhad," If I break off in the middle, I incur sin. So, I will not.


Baba (to the lady): Mother, I have to take the entire responsibility for your son.


Mrs Tarkhad: For all of us, it is you that take care. (Both bowed to Baba. Then some other came.)


Baba (to those): I have to take thought for my devotees, and if a devotee is about to fall, I stretch out my hands, and by four, four hands lift him and support him thus. I will not let him fall.


Master Tarkhad: Baba, just now you said you are not God but a petty Fakir. How then can you have four hands?


(Baba did not reply, but smiled and looked at Master Tarkhad, with love and approval.)





Devotees: Baba, this G.G. Narke says you are a man.


Baba: What he says is true. But you devotees should not say that. You have to get all your benefits from me.


(from Baba's Charters and Sayings, No. 301)