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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2527 to 2545 of 2648


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2527 to 2545 of 2648

2527 Gods in the Eight Cardinal Points of Earth

Indra, Agni, Yama and Nrudi

Varuna, Vayu, Kubera, and Isanana

They (gods) in order according

Filled the cardinal directions eight.



2528 The Eight Petalled Lotus in Sahasrara


In the Maya-Land of body

Is the Flower of petals eight (pointing to directions eight)

Through the lean stalk of Sushumna,

Contemplate on its radiance,

And ascend upward;

Redeemed are you then.



2529 How the Eight Petalled Lotus Opens


Three the lotus buds there;

Into the three He sends His rays

That Light spreading,

The eight-petalled bloom within opens;

Into them

If the rays of Petals Two (Ajna) penetrates,

This body, into a (heavenly) dream blossoms.



2530 Siva-Sakti in Eight-Petalled Lotus


The six streams (of Adharas)

Into one Pond flow;

Thus in Way subtle

Into Siva-State penetrate;

There indeed is the Precious Truth,

Himself with Sakti stands,

--She of bouncing breasts and tender vine form.



2531 He Blooms Within Petals Eight


The Primal One stood,

As directions eight,

Mountains eight,

Gods eight

And Forms eight;

Reach Him,

Who fills within

From eight to four petalled center;

He Who blooms within petals eight.



2532 Centers Beyond Seventh are Formless States (Niradhara)


The Centers Seven are of Form (Svarupa) possessed;

Transcend them;

And beyond in Eighth is Param;

In Ninth is Paraparam, that is Void;

The exalted Tenth is State of Oneness

Where Anava is finally shed.



2533 God is Timeless Eternity


He lasts through aeons countless;

He is the Sun; He is the Lord;

Within the five Major Aeons

Were many aeons minor

The universe through several aeons passed;

In the aeon above aeons countless,

Was (God) Bhagava, unique.



2534 Seek Him Wherever He is


He is in this world

Yet if He is beyond reach,

Seek Him in Heaven,

Where the elephants roam

And the Celestials wander,

Where fire, rain and wind abide;

In that Space seek Him.



2535 The Eight-Petalled Bloom is Dear to Siva


There on the lofty top of Mount (Meru) within

Is a pond no stream feeds;

And there is a lotus bloom

From no soil mud springs;

Without that bloom,

He decks not Himself

He of matted locks.



2536 Holy Jivas Ever Think of God


When the One and Two (Siva and Jiva) intermingle,

Standing and sitting

Or in worldly talk indulging,

The holy Jivas their senses conquer

And seek Lord;

Remaining or leaving

They blessed ever are.





2537 Souls in the Three Mukti States


Visvan, Dhaisathan and Prajnan

They are in Tvampada State;

Virattan, Hranya Garbhan, Avyakritan

They are in Tat-Pada State;

Idayan, Prajapathyan and Santan of Golden World

They are in Asi-Pada State;

Yet are they all but Abhimanis,

Souls that are aspirants still.



2538 Beyond Ninth State


As nine states beginning with Jagrat are experienced,

Attachment to Malas and Gunas,

That emanate birth, vanish;

In Transcendental Turiya State

Then Void (Satya-Jnana-Podu) succeeds,

Truth and Jnana filled

Where Jiva and Siva one are;

In Turiyas rest

Jiva and Siva are two,

That now in Void is one Manifestness (Svarupa).



2539 Dawn of Sivajnana


As in the thought of Siva

Jiva merges,

The Malas Three,

That to birth gives rise,

Flee away;

At the end of avastas nine

Is Siva-bodha (Awareness or Jnana);

Jiva attains that

And Himself no more is.



2540 Nine Avasta Cluster Beyond


Beyond the nine states aforesaid

Are nine that defy thought;

Of these shall be said in detail below;

Great indeed is the Lord

Who these twice-nine States made.



2541 Lord Spoke of Nine States


The nine states from the five (states of Jiva) evolved

Of them Lord spoke

And world rejoiced;

"My Lord, My Lord"--

Thus I prayed day and night;

And He severed my fetters strong.



2542 Many Paths to God


Many the paths they laid

In Time's Corridor long;

Many the sects

That sought Him to reach;

Think of Him constant, day and night;

He diverse stood in lands many.



2543 Nine Super Tattva Cluster


The Primal Paraparam, Paraparai

Param the Light, Jiva and Tattvas,

The Kala, the Mayas Two and Mukti

These are categories nine

To the Primal One belong.



2544 Grace Abounding


My inconstant thoughts

He constant made,

Clear vision gave;

He created hell and heaven

And endless births too

In Grace Abounding;

Those who these perceive not

Are in Karma's wheel forever caught.



2545 Goal of Siddhanta Philosophy


In the nine states of experience

Jiva as aspirant (abhimani) stands;

The nine categories afterward stated

That to the Primal Lord belong;

When Jiva that stands in states nine

Reaches the Turiya States Three,

Then shall he Siva become;

This the goal of Siddhanta (Philosophy).