Monday, January 11, 2016

A Lesson A Day




"All people learnt the lesson, that those who disobeyed Baba's instruction met with accidents in one way or the other, and those who obeyed them were safe and happy." – Sri Sai Satcharitra, Ch. IX.



A merchant, an old man and his little daughter met by the side of a fountain of clear, sparkling waters. On the fountain was an inscription which read, "Learn of me!"


The merchant said, he learnt a great lesson from the fountain. It started as a trickle of water but as it wended its way to the sea, it was joined by streams and brooks and creeks and, in due course, became a roaring river. We should do our work likewise – start with little beginnings and soon develop big business houses.


The old man said that the lesson he learnt, from the fountain, was to serve silently – friends and strangers alike.


The little girl said that the lesson she learnt was, water is useless unless it is pure. Even animals reject turbid water. Therefore, we should live a clean and chaste life.


The teacher is one. Everyone learns according to his aptitude and capacity. In this school of life, the day on which we have not learnt something new is a lost day indeed.