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He Saved You from Death - Blessed Devotee who Experienced Baba’s Miracle before 1918

He Saved You from Death - Blessed Devotee who Experienced Baba's Miracle before 1918



Dr. Talvailkar was a devotee of Baba. On one of his visits to Shirdi, Baba blessed him and gave him Udi. This Udi he preserved carefully. He began his practice and would see patients only after doing Baba's puja. He became famous as he cured many serious patients.


One day a serious patient came for treatment to him as a last resort.   Many a doctor had treated him and failed.   The patient was in the terminal stage, but his relatives had pinned their hopes on doctor Talvailkar. He pacified the relatives and gave the patient some medicine. Then he prayed to Baba. "Baba, only Your Grace can save and cure this patient," he said. With this, he gave the relatives three packets of Baba's Udi. "Give him one packet of Udi mixed with water internally for three consecutive days," he instructed.   The relatives did as advised and the patient gained consciousness. The doctor made a house call on the third day only to see that the patient had improved considerably.   Then he prescribed some medicines and the patient recovered gradually and was fully cured.


When the patient came for the final check up, the doctor told him that he had not saved him and took the patient to Shirdi. When they entered Dwarkamai, the doctor pointed to Baba and said, "He saved you from death". The patient ran to Baba and clasped His feet thanking Him for His mercy.



Leela- 40 in Ambrosia in Shirdi - Part-I

(Baba's Leelas before 1918)