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Sai Experiences of Ganpat Dhondu Kadam and others

Sai Experience of Ganpat Dhondu Kadam and others


In 1914, my wife and I went to take darshan of Baba. On the Nasik line the train was moving and it was one or two stations on this (Western) side of Nasik. I was seated in the carriage. Fifteen or twenty jet black Bhils got into this carriage one after another. They came and sat by me. There was no other passenger. My wife, my daughter, and I were the only three who were not Bhils. At that time Hari Bhakta Parayan Lakshraan Ramachandra Pangarkar's Bhakti Margapradip was the book I was reading. Then I understood or thought that these men came and sat near me to hear the reading of the book. So I read out the abhangs very oudly.


The Bhils sat for some five minutes near me. Then while the train was still running, they got down from it. I went to the carriage door and I saw all these Bhils running away. Then I looked into the carriage and I found an old Fakir in the carriage. I wondered in my mind how that Fakir could have got in the carriage. When this thought came in my mind, the Fakir suddenly disappeared. I was struck with great wonder and I was highly puzzled. Right before my eye, there was a Fakir and there were the Bhils. I could not forget the same. Then I went to Shirdi and took darshan of Sai Baba. When I placed my foot on the Masjid, Baba asked, "Have you come back safe?" My heart then heaved with emotion and the miracle that took place in the train and the disappearance of the Bhils, who were obviously robbers, all came to my mind. I thought that they would have robbed me in the carriage; but Baba's presence in the garb of a Fakir was an obstacle. That is what I came to know.




Dr. Pandit, a friend of Tatya Saheb Noolkar, came for Baba's darshan. He went straight to the Masjid. After darshan was over, Baba told him to go to Dada Kelkar. This man did not know where Dada Kelkar's house was. Baba gave him full directions. Accordingly, he went to Dada Kelkar's. Dada welcomed him and sometime later went out to do Baba's Puja. At that time he asked the doctor, "will you come along with me to Baba?" The doctor at once started with him. After going to the Masjid, Dada did Baba's puja. At that time Baba did not allow anyone to apply sandal paste on His forehead. The devotees all applied that paste to Baba's neck. After Dada's puja was over. Dr. Pandit got up, took sandal paste, and began to apply it in Tripundram fashion, (that is three horizontal parallel lines) on Baba's forehead. Dada was afraid and thought that Baba would be ruffled. But Baba said nothing and allowed the doctor to calmly and quietly apply the paste. At night Dada Kelkar asked Baba, "You do not allow us to apply sandal paste to your forehead; this afternoon the doctor applied it on your forehead. How is that?" There upon Baba said, "Arre, the doctor's Guru is a Brahmin and so the doctor treated me as his Brahmin Guru. How can I then go against his idea?"

Dada learnt from the doctor later on that it was so and that the doctor's Guru was Dhopeshwar Kaka Maharaj (This incident is reported in Sai Satcharita at page 64 in the Edition, 1974).




Lakshman Bhat of Shirdi was a Vaydiki Brahmin. I (H.S.D.] purchased some land from him in 1910. He wanted Rs. 200 as its price. I said Rs. 150 was a fair price and I was not prepared to pay more. When the dispute was thus unsettled, Lakshman Bhat went to the Masjid and Baba called him and said, ''Lakshman, what is this dispute?" Lakshman mentioned everything to Baba. Then Baba said, "Let both of you come to a compromise for Rs. 175. Do not give the land away for less price." Lakshman Bhat did not mention this to me. In the end the bargain was struck at Rs. 150. Accordingly before the Registrar, I paid him Rs 150, but what a wonder? After coming to the house, Lakshman Bhat counted the rupees and he found that they were Rs. 175!


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