Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Dakshinas are not for His own use

Dakshinas are not for His own use



R.B.Purandhare -  A devotee: Why are you asking for so much money?


Baba: I am not asking of every one. I ask only from the man whom the fakir (God) points out. But in exchange, I have to give that man ten times the amount, which I have taken. I do not take the money for my own use. I have no family.


Every morning Baba would be a poor fakir owning zero and during the day dakshinas would accumulate and by evening or night the whole accumulation will be disbursed. When Baba passed away after receiving a Governor's income from dakshina for about ten years, he had only Rs,16 in his possession.




A man living with a mistress and suffering from venereal complaints came to Baba and said: Baba, take this Rs.500.


Baba (angrily): I want none of your money. You are keeping someone in your house; is it not? Give it to her.


The man was mortified at this exposure and went away.




Some persons were on their way to "Shirdi mosque of Baba.


Baba (angrily): Rascals, (pouring plenty of abuse) committing such and such vile crimes and sins (naming their sins, vices etc.,)! What help can they get! (as he finished this tirade, the parties entered with rich gifts.)


Baba: "This is just what I have been saying" (and he refused to accept gifts or give help)



(Baba's Charters and Sayings, No. 233 - 235)