Saturday, January 9, 2016

Master accept me as Your disciple

Master accept me as Your disciple


Baba said, "Sadbhakta takes every thing to be Vasudev (B.G.VII-19 i.e., any Guru will be Krishna to the devotee) and Guru takes disciple to be Vasudev and Krishna treats both as his Prana and Atma" in Sri Sai Satcharitra, Ch. XXXIX.



Lehna is a wealthy merchant. One day, as he is on his way to the shrine of Durga to make his annual pilgrimage, he sees Guru Nanak. Lehna comes under the magnetic spell of the Master. He stays with Guru Nanak, with a humble prayer in his heart, "Master, accept me as your disciple!"


Lehna begins to serve Guru Nanak. The rich merchant becomes a labourer on the Guru's farm. Lehna walks the way of obedience. His wealth and riches, his servants and business all are forgotten. The Master is everything to him.


The word 'lehna' in Panjabi means: "What is due to one from another". One day, Guru Nanak calling Lehna near, says to him: "Your lehna is from me; you have to receive from me!" And enfolding him in a warm embrace, the Guru says, "From today, you are Angad – a limb of my body, a breath of my being, one with me in spirit, blended with my soul!"


Thus does it happen in case of every disciple who walks the way of implicit obedience and loving devotion. His bonds are broken and he is born anew!